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Resolver I
Resolver I

Facing issue while using paging on subgrid

Hi Team,


Please help with the below issue.


Scenario - When I am using a dataset control on the subgrid where I am using the paging as well.


The Pages are loaded using the loadExactPage method.


In normal scenarios like if I click next page , previous page the data are loading correctly.


But we have functionality were we need to use the dataset refresh method.


So the issue suppose I am on page 2 and refresh the dataset control using the code then in context.paramter.sampledater.loading I always get true value and updateView is called infinite number of time.


As of now I have used a workaround to overcome the issue.


But it would we great if we can get a proper way to handle the above scenario.


Let me know if you need anything more or if I am doing something wrong.


Thanks in advance.



Super User
Super User

Hi @sheldoncopper73 , 

I didn't had the infinite loop issue, but before I called refresh , I had to go to page 1 first, otherwise it wouldn't reset the sorting. 

(dataset.paging as any).loadExactPage(1);

The infinite calling of updateView might be caused by the refresh()...?

Not sure if it helps, since you have already a workaround.

Kind regards,


Hi Diana,


Thank you for your reply.


We tried your recommended solution but we still faced the same issue.


After testing our workaround didn't seem viable.


But we did find the root cause because of which we are facing the issue and we think it is a PCF bug.


We are using addColumn method to get the created on field value from the context for cases when the created on would not be added on the view.


After using the add column method we need to refresh the dataset programmatically to get the value.


The issue is the sungrid control loads correctly for the first time and the paging works when change from first page to second page.


But when I change from second page to third page the updateView is called infinite number of times.


In context we have a property context.parameter.sampledataset.loading to check if the dataset is loaded properly but the value is always true.


The same code work perfectly fine on Home grid.


I am attaching a sample code in case anyone wanted to help or wanted look into the issue.


You need just configure the control on subgrid and click on next button till page 3.


Let us know if anyone need anything else regarding this issue.






Super User
Super User

Hi @sheldoncopper73 , 


For further investigation, I would propose a test: define a "property-set" for createdon (instead of using addColumn). It's documented here:

That would add the createdon to your dataset, even if it's not defined in the view.

If making this you still have the issue,  we should search the issue somewhere else. If the bug is  gone, then we should dig around addColumn.

Kind regards,




Frequent Visitor

Hi Sheldon


I have only suggestions... 


For me a helpfull code is 


- console.log not alert

do not use the alert(functionName + ex.message); Their might be some timing side effects.

do not use console.log(functionName + '' + error);  or 

console.log(functionName + '' + error.message);

console.log("functionName", error); 
The browsers log viewers are really good these days...

-  Modify the updateView by adding a try catch


	private _pagingInfo: DataSetInterfaces.Paging & {loadExactPage(page:number):void;};
public loadNextPage() {
		try {
			if (this._pagingInfo.hasNextPage){
				this._currentPageNumber = this._currentPageNumber + 1;
		} catch (error) {
			console.error('loadNextPage', error);

	public loadPreviousPage() {
		try {
			if (this._pagingInfo.hasPreviousPage){
				this._currentPageNumber = this._currentPageNumber - 1;
		} catch (error) {
			console.log('loadPreviousPage' + error);

	public loadFirstPage() {
		try {
			this._currentPageNumber = 1;
		} catch (error) {
			console.log('loadFirstPage', error);

	 * Called when any value in the property bag has changed. This includes field values, data-sets, global values such as container height and width, offline status, control metadata values such as label, visible, etc.
	 * @Param context The entire property bag available to control via Context Object; It contains values as set up by the customizer mapped to names defined in the manifest, as well as utility functions
	public updateView(context: ComponentFramework.Context<IInputs>): void {
		if (!context.parameters.dataSetGrid.loading) {

			this.contextObj = context;
			this._pagingInfo = context.parameters.dataSetGrid.paging as any;
			console.log("Current Page number is: " + this._currentPageNumber);
			// this.toggleLoadMoreButtonWhenNeeded(context.parameters.dataSetGrid);

			// Get sorted columns on View
			let columnsOnView = this.getSortedColumnsOnView(context);
			if (!columnsOnView || columnsOnView.length === 0) {
			while (this.gridContainer.firstChild) {
				this.createGridBody(columnsOnView, context.parameters.dataSetGrid)
		// this is needed to ensure the scroll bar appears automatically when the grid resize happens and all the tiles are not visible on the screen. =
			window.innerHeight - this.gridContainer.offsetTop - 75 + "px";




I also want to say the updateView is called when the layout changes - at least IMHO. And DOM operations are really slow compared with the speed of javascript. so may be you can split the createGridBody in readTheDataSetIntoMySimpleModel and createGridBodyFromMySimpleModel and compare the simple model with the last call (currently i like fast-deep-equal)


One more thing
You add createdon and statecode to the dataset not to the sorted columns - Do you trying to sort over empty columns? Or do you known that they exists, but are not selected?
If possible I would hand over this problem to the low code programmer - even if you are both.


hope this helps cu Flori


Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi Diana and Florin,


Thank you for your suggesstions.


We are aware of the properties in PCF dataset control and already taking 5 inputs from the users.


We wanted to avoid asking users to many things to configure and also there are few values which cannot be taken from user while configuration.


We have raised a support ticket against this and the Microsoft Team are currently working on this.





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