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Failure to import solution with Canvas App with Power Platform Build Tools from DevOps Pipeline



This is a follow up to my Q&A I posted on the Visual Studio Market Place for Power Platform Build Tool:


Original post in the Q&A:

I have the same issue as Moses asked earlier. I'm using a SPN connection to import a solution, but it failed with the message "GraphUserDetailNotFound Message: The user '7ba93ec6-cd9b-41a2-9c74-fa1ec97fa9ab' was not found in Graph"


I have tried other Tasks in the build pipeline which perform OK with the same SPN connection configured. I've also tested a similar setup on another tenant, where I get the same issue.


Looking at the stack trace it looks like it happens when importing a Canvas Power App:
at Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.PowerAppsValidation.PowerAppsServiceResult[T](ResourceResult`1 powerAppsServiceResult)
at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Core.ImportExportPublish.ImportCanvasAppHandlerInternal.<ImportCanvasAppSolutionDefinition>d__25.MoveNext()


I've been experimenting with the SPN connection setup through Microsoft.PowerApps.PowerShell-commands. Which also fails consistently. So maybe SPN connections and Canvas PowerApps are not (yet) compatible?


I do not know what the Graph is querying exactly, but I can confirm that the querying for "/users/7ba93ec6-cd9b-41a2-9c74-fa1ec97fa9ab" using the Graph Explorer does indeed not yield any results.


In the reply MS asked to share the DevOps logs here. So these are attached to the thread.


I hope this helps in fixing the issue in the build tools.


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I have the same problem deploying a canvas app with the Import Solution task. Actually, the user id identified in the error message is the Azure Object Id from the service principal user in D365. It does not exist as a user in the Microsoft graph, so there would never be a result returned. I think this is is a bug related to canvas app validation when using a service principal account.


I am also facing same issue, GraphUserDetailNotFound 


---&gt; (Inner Exception #0) Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Code: GraphUserDetailNotFound Message: The user '6540df94-f9a1-4c3b-8952-2f3eb959a0ad' was not found in Graph. Client Request Id: .
   at Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.PowerAppsValidation.PowerAppsServiceResult[T](ResourceResult`1 powerAppsServiceResult)
   at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Core.ImportExportPublish.ImportCanvasAppHandlerInternal.&lt;ImportCanvasAppSolutionDefinition&gt;d__30.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---

Previous answers are correct: Using AppID/SPN as authentication on the Azure DevOps pipeline task side will cause an Import error for a PowerApps/CanvasApp component. This is a bug on the PowerApps side, a fix is underway, but no ETA for deployment yet.


As workaround until then: use username/password authentication for the ImportSolution task (with that user having MFA disabled in the AAD tenant's ConditionalAccess). 

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@DavidJen any updates on this. This limitation is blocking us from deploying Power Platform CI/CD as our solutions have Canvas apps. 

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