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Form.LastSubmit bug when submitting across multiple screens

My issue is strange, in the PowerApps builder everything works fine. However in production when playing the app I run into the issue.


I have one Main_Form on Screen_1 and then 6 child forms on different screens. The child forms are joined in SharePoint lists using number columns to store the ID from the item saved in Main_Form. The child forms are saved in the OnSuccess function of Main_Form using consecutive (not concurrent - but I've tried both) SubmitForm() calls.

So in all the child forms there is a ParentId field which has a default value of Main_Form.LastSubmit.ID. The Main_Form is saved using a button replicated on each screen which simply uses SubmitForm(Main_Form). If I use the save button on Screen_1 everything works. However, if I try to use the save button (which is exactly the same) on any other screen the child forms fail to get the Main_Form.LastSubmit.ID value.


I've tried creating test buttons from scratch outside of any containers or canvas sections and still no luck. As a workaround, I added a navigation step in the other screens to first navigate to Screen_1 and then call SubmitForm(Main_Form) and that seems to work. I've just never ran into this issue before. Especially weird that it works perfectly when editing the app in the builder.


I also tried toggling on "Keep recently visited screens in memory" with no luck. I'm using the following features:

  • Formula-level error management
  • Container control
  • Enhanced formula bar
  • Components
  • Explicit column selection

Re: Form.LastSubmit bug when submitting across multiple screens

Hi Zach,

I tried running a quick test based on your description but wasn't able to replicate the issue.  We may need some more detail.


If you're concerned there may be a bug here, can you open a case with our support team?  Our engineers will work with you to validate the issue.  That way if there is an issue in need of fixing by Microsoft, we can work with the correct teams to do just that.


Thank you!


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