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How to: Downgrading powerapps component framework version

I've upgraded my PCF CLI to 0.4.3 and now my control isn't shown in dynamics anymore but the original control. I only wanted to upgrade, no breaking code changes.


What I observed is that index.ts is bundled but not accessible through debugging console.


Can anyone help me downgrading? Can't find any versioning history of PCF. If I would uninstall it with the msi and reinstall I would then have the newest version.




I don't recommend downgrading - I would try and work out why your control is not working with the latest version.

Does your control work after doing a npm start watch locally?


Is it just that it is not deployed to CDS?

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Power Apps



I am sorry to hear that you are running into an issue upgrading a component. Could you please let me know what steps you took after the tooling upgrade? This will help me get some insight into where the problem may be coming from. 


Also, you mentioned that the control is not showning up in your CDS environment but the previous version does? If so, the component version may need to be updated before you import it into your environment. You can do this by updating the version="0.0.1" in ControlManifest.Input.xml

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Power Apps

Hi @hansgfixed , can you provide us with more details on how your controls stop working after upgrading the CLI? You mention that they stop showing in the debug console. Do you mean the test harness from "npm start"? Did your control build successfully? What's the errors in the test harness console if there is any? Thanks. 

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Thanks all for the replies.


I was on the wrong form... ..but I'm now having issues with the namespace. Somehow those three files now contain a different namespace:


- Solution.xml under Root Components lists my PCF with the wrong Namespace



My original namespace is only Customer followed by the sub-namespaces Crm.Pcf.CustomerPCF. 


If I search for cust_Customer this prefix only appears in the three mentioned files above. This breaks our deployment. We've now decided to only alter those files to the original.


So my question is how and why did this happen? From where does it take the prefix? I've nowhere set it like that. We don't even use a namespace like cust_Customer, it's always cust_attributename.


Thanks in advance.

error : Control directory with publisher name ...\obj\Debug\Controls\prefix__CustomerCrm.PhoneFormat already exists 


I'm now updating a different PCF and got this error. I've a prefix defined but that was nowhere used, I even remember underscores as prefixes weren't allowed back then:



Only since updating the PCF CLI the namespace now contains the prefix and in this case even with a double underscore.


The controls folder now contains a second folder with the above mentioned namespace and another one with the correct namespace as it was the case before updating.


Can anyone explain and help me out please?



Update: This is a bug. Commenting out the customizationprefix solves the issue.

@hansgfixed Sorry for the inconvenience. We appeneded prefix to your namespace.counstructor by design in the solution.xml and customizations.xml files in the final built solution zip. Users should not need to do and hand editing to their xml files.


Can you please try "msbuild /t:restore" on your solution project and try again?

@hansgfixed Please use the suggested method above to restore and build again. This most likely is a known bug that has been fixed. External users will get the latest bits by the end of this month. You donn't have to do any editing to xml files. Sorry about the inconvenience! 

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