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How to use angular 7 in PCF Control


Is angular 7 is supported for angular I was trying to use angular 7 in pcf control but was nsure how to do it,like how to create component,module,services.

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I too had same problem

Guys, did you able to run angular 7 in PCF control?

The Power Component framework has support for React which is probably a better fit for the User Interface controls it's designed to allow you to create.


I always thought angular was designed for single page apps rather than small pieces within a page.


If you need help getting started with React @rexkenley has created a React starter kit at and there are sample apps in Microsoft's PCF documentation 

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Thanks! yes I agree to use react instead of angular for new app. But currently I have app written in Angular and used as web resource in D365. I want to use as it is in PCF control.


I found sample using react in PCF control but nothing like that for angular yet.

In theory you can use my start-up kit with angular if your angular app has an atomic architecture.


You would need to update storybook in my project to handle angular.

It's probably also worth taking a step back here and looking at the difference between a web resource and a PCF control


A web resource is displayed in an iframe and has fully control of the resources you give it and the external libraries you add to it.


A PCF control sits within a Powerapps page (it actually sites within an eval statement within the Javascript that generates the page) and has to play nicely with the rest of the page. Any external libraries added to the control create the risk that something within that library may not play will with other items on the page and result in problems that are hard to pin do.



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HI @Anonymous ,


Are you looking for samples. If you can outline the issue you are facing we can assist in getting it addressed accordingly. As far as samples go we are working on having a sample available and documented. 





You can actually "hack" the pcf config to make easy to debug your code.


webpackConfig.js replace mode: buildMode with

mode: "development",
devtool: "inline-source-map"


Don't forget to change it back.



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