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Issue using Dataset Paging

Hi Team,


We are facing some issues while making use of a few of the documented functionalities of dataset paging. I’d list down each one of them along with the issue being faced.


  1. parameters.sampledataset.paging.loadNextPage() – While using this, it doesn’t give us the data only for next page, but it gives data for the current page + next page i.e., say on my current page I have 50 records and on next page I have 25 records, then I get 75 records.
  2. parameters.sampledataset.paging.reset() – Reset, at time doesn’t reset the page to Page Number 1. It just stays on the same page,when we are changing page by loadNextPage() and loadPreviousPage().But when I change the page of OOB grid and then switching to my control then reset page and other function are working
  3. parameters.sampledataset.paging.hasPreviousPage – This doesn’t return true, if we use context.parameters.sampledataset.paging.loadPreviousPage()
  4. parameters.sampledataset.paging.loadPreviousPage() – This doesn’t work once we reach to the last page

5.context.parameters.gridPageNumber - Is this a supported method to get the current page number, when I switching for the OOB grid to control then it gives the correct page number except for the first page but for rest, it gives the correct page number.But if I loadNext or previous page using  loadPreviousPage() or loadNextPage() it doesn't give page number

I have other few questions, is there a way to get the values of the next page only, i.e., if next page has 25 records then just get 25 records.


Also, is there a way to get the current page number?


hi Shelton,


I checked-in the change for loadExactPage on middle of December. Are u still see the issue?

If you r talking about the gridPage, that is the item I am working on.

Hi @AnqiChen @HemantG ,


We are still facing one issue using paging i.e


Suppose we have 250 records with paging size of 50.


When form first page we click on next i.e. Page 2 then next page 50 record are loaded properly but when I again click on previous page button i.e from Page 2 to Page 1 then it should 50 records of page 1 but currently it is loading 100 records i.e. Page 2 + Page 1 records.


I have attached sample project in which you can replicate the said issue.


Look forward to your reply.




hi sheldon,


One thing I want to mention is that loadExactPage, the pass-in argument is a 'number', not 'string'


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