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Issues With Multiple Components in a Solution

I am running into one or more issues with publishing components and publishing updates to components and I think my setup is probably the underlying issue.


I have a repository that has 3 components in individual folders at the root of the repo. Each has their own /solution folder under their respective component folder and they share a single package.json. Each solution/ control manifest has the same namespace and publisher. I publish the solution via an Azure pipeline that builds each component and then runs msbuild. 


Each control manifest/ solution.xml have their own version numbers based on changes to the individual components (I'm not sure if this is a good or bad idea). I have a git hook that forces me to update at least one component's version + the version in package.json on push so I know I am bumping the version on each pipeline release. But with each component, I have noticed the initial component appears but subsequent changes do not appear on release . . . until one time they do and things are fine from there. 


I've just added the third component and while I can use the component, changes to it are not appearing. Also, all three components are under a solution named after the first component I built and their names are simply the folder names rather than what is in each Solution.xml. Are there items other than publisher name and namespace that would control this? I've been inconsistent with Managed vs Unmanaged and a couple of other settings as I am still trying to sort out my long-term approach. My other concern is only one msbuild step is actually being respected (i.e., the third run stomps on the previous two and everything is actually named by the component that comes last in alphabetical order).

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I figured out one of the issues: in order to be semi-consistent, I bumped the version of my newest component from 0.0.x to 1.0.x and I believe Dynamics won't allow you to push a solution/ component that jumps a major version.

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