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Looking for „Best Practice“ to update entity records with our external inventoryData API!



I am bit new to D365 and I already read a lot about Dataverse & PowerApps possibilities but I can’t find a got solution for our business use case which we need to cover on Quotes.


Hopefully someone can give me some suggestions to cover the following use case on D365 Powerapps. 


Entities: Quote, Quoteline

External Company Services: ProductSearch API, InventoryData API

Type: Model Drive App in Dynamics Sales




- Adding multiple quote lines to quote  1.000 lines

    - via. WebApi ( in a PCF Control ) or OData ( Postman, other external apps )

- Search for product on via ProductSearch API

- Update quote line entity with inventory data from external API ( customer pricing, available quantity from ERP )

- Everything should be done in < 1 Minute ( User Request until Response )


Use Case


1. User create new Quoteline(s) ( with product number ) on our PCF Control ( Dataset control - linked to quote lines view )

2. Product(s) get resolved via ProductSearch API

3. If resolved successful => InventoryData API called to get customer pricing + availability from ERP

4. User get response with customer pricing + availability on PCF Control 


My solution would be a custom plugin.


- Create Custom plugin to perform external API calls ( ProductSearch API , InventoryData API ) and update record with needed information. 




- Is it possible to build a plugin which will run after all entity records are created and then it will call our API’s to make sure we are calling our external API’s as less as possible?


- Is there any other „best practice“ to perform this use case?
( Workflows, Events, External Datasource, Virtual Entities… or something else ? )


- Should we call our ProductSearch & InventoryData API directly in PCF Control?

    - Problem: It will run heavy operations on client, We need to duplicate logic on plugin again for background operations.  


Thanks for reading this and I really appreciate every suggestion or hint. 





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