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Helper I

Multiple PCF on subgrid - tied to specific view

Hi Everyone!


I'm wanting to know if there's a good workaround for showing multiple components on one subgrid. Ideally I would have wanted to show a subgrid, show the index and switch between views that are tied to a specific default control to be able to show a list of activities as either a list, kanban or gantt depending on the view selected, but this doesn't work. 


I had thought about displaying a list of buttons above the subgrid to hide or show different subgrids tied to one control, but this doesn't seem ideal to me. Any other thoughts out there?


Thanks for any help and hopefully most people are on holidays and you all have a safe and happy time!

Super User
Super User

Hi @skoofy5 , 

I wanted to check  if you know that you can change the views and the Control you are using for a Dataset.
1. You can set to get the standard view-switcher above your subgrid:



The user can also switch between the Dataset PCFs defined, using the "Show As" menu :



The definition for the PCF Controls attached can be made:

1. Global for the whole entity 


2. Specific for each view

3. For the subgrid


You can specify more PCFs, and the user should be able to switch between them. Example (here the Kanban is not the default)


But in the "Show As" menu I can switch from my ColorfulOptionsetGrid to ReadOnly Grid or to Kanban.



In case you are looking for something else, please specify what doesn't work.


Kind regards,



Helper I
Helper I

Hi! Thanks for the reply, Diana! I'm aware of these options, but they're not the right solution to the user experience problem I'm having - I want particular views to display, by default, as the PCF associated to only that view. Enabling the components as available entity wide or for all the views on a subgrid is far from ideal, especially when there may be data specific needs as is the case for a gantt style control for instance. Thanks for taking the time though!

Super User
Super User

Hi @skoofy5 , 

You still have the option to define the PCFs on the View level (so define the PCF for each specific view):


But if you need to choose the default PCF based on some data on the form, I don't know a way to do this.

Kind regards,


Which works for entity views, but not for subgrids. 😞


I'm essentially trying to recreate that entity view experience, but from the form so that it displays only related records. 

Super User
Super User

Hi  @skoofy5 , 

I wasn't aware that the view PCFs are not reflected on subgrids. In my opinion it's a bug. 

But it's at least worth to report it on "Ideas": Power Apps Ideas - Power Platform Community (

Kind regards,


Helper I
Helper I

Hi @skoofy5 


Did you try publishing the form?


I too noticed this issue around 4 months ago. Thought View level custom control is not supported for subgrids. So, I implemented by customizing the subgrid component in form and assigning custom control there. That works fine but i see that would not suit your requirement. Please create a support ticket with microsoft(i possibly think its a bug)


As an alternative(recommend getting support from microsoft) , you need to have one large component and have a case\if statement in updateview to display the view accordingly(based on viewid or any other parameter).


Power Apps
Power Apps

Currently we don't have support for the sub-grid level view config and it is restricted to only home page. I have this in the back log and it will require some configuration switches to ensure that the current behavior is retained when desired. View configuration in the entity might have relevance only for the main home page grid and the smaller viewports for subgrid might not be optimal for rendering the control  all the time .


Please use ideas forum and tag for PCF idea - 




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