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PCF Control giving error when its added in Form on Dynamics 365 Platform



I have developed custom PCF Control in Typescript . I have used some React JS code to open React-Modal as popup window in Control Button Click.

This custom PCF Control is running fine when i am running it locally i.e from Visual Studio code. But when i deployed PCF Control to my Dynamics 365 environment.

And tried to access control in CRM Form then getting below error show in screenshot.




Basically i have used React js inside my Typescript project. I have used React-Modal component for showing popup window .

i did some analysis and found that when i remove Modal tsx file from my PCF Control and deployed simple component on Dynamics 365 platform then this error is not coming .


Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong while calling Modal component or in its contructor.

So below is my piece of code i wrote it down to call my Modal component. Basically passing one parameter to Modal Component.

<MyModal inputABN = {this.state.inputValue}/>


And below is constructor of My Modal component.

export class MyModal extends React.Component<ModalProps, any> {
constructor (props: ModalProps) {
this.state = {
showModal: false , inputABN: props.inputABN


Any help will be appreciated .




Hi Scott,


Thanks for your comment.


Ya i will try to set it to id of div in PCF component.



New Member

I am getting exact same error for my PCF control. I do not use React but I am calling Google API address autocomplete in the control. The control works most of the time with no issues in CRM. The error is thrown when I navigate from account where the control lives to a related case and then on the case I click on "Customer" lookup field to navigate back to the account. This is the only time I get "Error loading control" on the account form. Clicking on that link gives me error below. Once again, the control works if I navigate to accounts directly.

Error occured during initialization of control: rsm_RSM.AddressAutocomplete;Message: Could not find/invoke RSM.AddressAutocomplete's constructor

Here is more details I get from the debugger:

Error: Could not find/invoke RSM.AddressAutocomplete's constructor at t._createControlInstance ( at at t._measureLifecycleMethod ( at t._initializeControl ( at at e.w [as _scheduleControlUpdate] ( at e.scheduleControlUpdate ( at n ( at t._initializeData ( at t.componentDidMount ( at ws ( at t.unstable_runWithPriority ( at ha ( at Is ( at gs ( at

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