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PCF component in Offline PowerApps


We are experiencing issue about simple app using custom PCF component.

Context: Phone without network neither internet connection
With the app without PCF, the app is available on phone and then we can run it.
With the same app with PCF, the app is not available (not visible) on phone.

The PCF is only div element with "Hello world" to display.
My app is canvas app.

Is special things to do to have PCF available offline? 

Is someone experiencing same issue? 

Is someone have app working well with PCF offline.


Thanks for your feedback, help, ideas


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Power Apps
Power Apps

Fix for this is in and will be available  in 3.21033.xx and later. 




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Super User
Super User

Haven't tried myself, but intuitively it makes sense that this would not work; a PCF is a Single Page Web App that Dataverse surfaces by hosting your bundle as a web resource and dropping its content into your page html during load. Offline, none of that is possible. Canvas Apps would need to store its own copy of the bundle, have its own HTML renderer, host its own page on your offline device, and then display it.


I did some of the same searching I am sure you did on this and found no explicit reference to Offline PCFs being unsupported, but it does not surprise me that it doesn't work. I know the flexibility of a PCF is really attractive for building great UIs, but I suspect you're just going to have to make do with the native canvas app capabilities.

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Super User

Hi @guillaumerenard , Hi @cchannon , 


In my opinion PCF is supposed to work offline, so I suppose is some kind of bug. 

Maybe you can try first to load the App while still online, and disconnect only after that.


@HemantG can you please confirm if PCF not working in offline Canvas App is a bug or a limitation?


Kind regards,



Kind regards,
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@DianaBirkelbach same thing happened to me, the app didn't show up after I imported the code component, but if I open the canvas app and turn off WiFi, the component works fine even offline.

"Maybe you can try first to load the App while still online, and disconnect only after that." - I did this and didn't help.

Any ideas?

Power Apps
Power Apps

Sorry for the delay n replaying. I tried this and was able to repro the issue. PCF components should work offline (as long as they don't take any direct online service dependency like iFramed content, web service, Bing search etc. 


Seems we don't show the PCF app at all in the list while offline. I was able to successfully launch the app  if I pin it or add to the siri shortcut. 


Will track this issue and get it fixed. Thanks for reporting and investigations !



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Thank you @HemantG for your reply.


I'm happy to hear that is an issue and not a technical limitation 😊


It works perfectly when I add the app to the Siri shorcut.

But I try to do the same things on Android devices, and it doesn't work (a problem with your Internet connection has occured)


Please keep me informed about this issue resolution



Power Apps
Power Apps

Fix for this is in and will be available  in 3.21033.xx and later. 




New Member

Hi @HemantG 

We have currently a Canvas App with a PCF Component which is running on Power Apps release Version 3.21051.29. The App does not show the PCF Component in Offline mode.

Could you please confirm, that this issue is fixed?


Thanks in advance.

Issue was with the app not available in the list when offline but the PCF controls were functional . Can you try a small hello world PCF controls in a new test app ?  Add some debugging statement in your control init to debug. Let me know how it goes.



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