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PCF type Dataset: searchQuickFindSearch option

When creating a PCF of type dataset, we can use "cds-data-set-options" attribute, to define CommandBar, ViewSelector, QuickFindSearch. 

What is the right option for display the search input? (This options are not exactly documented; I've found only the example below)


I tried using "displayQuickFindSearch:true" as specified in the documentation example: data-set documentation 



<data-set name="dataSetGrid" display-name-key="DataSetGridProperty" cds-data-set-options="displayCommandBar:true;displayViewSelector:true;displayQuickFindSearch:true">



 but the input for search was shown only in home-view and in the related view, but NOT in a subgrid, even if I customized the subgrid to show the search box



I remember that I've seen that already working, and I found out that a few months ago I used displayquickfind:true



<data-set name="dataset1" display-name-key="Dataset_Display_Key1" cds-data-set-options="displayCommandBar:true;displayViewSelector:true;displayquickfind:true"/>



 This one ("displayquickfind:true") still works in all cases: home grid, related view and subgrid.


Is it the documentation wrong? Or this option has changed  but is not fixed everywhere?

What should I use for now?


Best regards,


Resolver II
Resolver II

Not to overcomplicate things, but I want to add a bit to the confusion around this feature: cds-data-set-options seems to do absolutely nothing for a PCF in a canvas app; true or false on all params, there seems to be no resulting impact I can perceive.


I am not sure I would actually want it to do anything for canvas app applications--mind you--but it is a bit confusing that the feature is there and does nothing. Seems like this needs to be flushed out a bit, or at least documented.

New Member


The approach worked for me, thank you for share!

The unique scenario where it isn't work is a view into a dashboard.





Power Apps
Power Apps

Sorry for late update, this was recently reported too.


The documentation needed update and it should be "displayQuickFind" and not "displayQuickFindSearch".


"displayQuickFindSearch" is not referenced in code any place so seems this was typo. 




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