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Resolver II
Resolver II

PowerApps Export solution task was timeout after 60 minutes whithout giving an error.

I was testing PowerApps build tool for PoC. I created a simple build pipeline which was simply exporting a solution from the env. The task ran for about 60 minutes and then time out without giving an error.  Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?



Thanks and Regards

Naveen Gupta

Super User
Super User

Hi @Naveen_772,

Should be straight forward, and take less than a minute (depending on your solution components). I see you have an extra step in pipeline tasks. Just as a test and to isolate the issue, can you creating a new empty Release pipeline with 2 tasks: PowerApps Tool Installer and PowerApps Export Solution. And create a temporary solution with just an entity to export?





Thanks for the reply


I have created the pipeline by just using two tasks which you have mentioned. I think the issue lies with my account. MFA is enabled on my account and it creating a blocker for the export solution task.



Indeed, could be the issue. I recommend to use S2S authentication with an application user (client ID and secret) instead of AD user (username password) by registering CDS aka Dynamics 365 in Azure AD. Here are two links on Application user
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I had a similar issue in the past weeks and opened a support case with Microsoft. The answer that I got from MS Support was : If a Web Request takes more than 20 minutes to complete, the CRM Platform is cutting the connection at a TCP level, hence you won't see any error at an application level (HTTP). Eventually once the HTTP Timeout is reached, you see the exception - even though the connection might have been closed earlier. 

What I would advise in this case is:

1. Check with MS Support why the export takes this long - more than 20 minutes

2. Build a retry and if the first export failed, tried the export again. I've seen cases when this worked. It is not the prettiest solution but at least gets the job done.


Hope this helps


Hi, can you create a devops service connection using client/secret? I've had no luck trying



Hi @thordurg,

You can. Have you followed the steps in the two links of my previous post? Make sure the the client ID acconut has a security role in CDS.


@Naveen_772 did you get it to work finally?

@EricRegnier I have the app user ready. Do you use DevOps generic service connection with client id and secret?

Yes, but sorry I forgot to mention an important step and not sure if we can "truly" consider with client ID and secret. It was in my other custom DevOps PowerShell steps that I use client ID and secret... Basically, I also created that user in Office 365 (no license assigned) and made sure that the CDS application user's username was the same as in O365. I then use the O365 username and password in the service connection.

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@thordurgany luck with the application use? I am working in a Client Env that's why I can't create the application user.

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