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PowerPlatform tool installer gives me a nuget error on private build agent

When using the PowerPlatform Tool Installer on a private build agent (Windows VM in Azure), it gives me an error



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2 things:


  • Please provide your attachments in a safe file format (not zip) so no one has to hesitate about downloading them.
  • What are you installing? Power Platform Build Tools? PCF? 

Yes, Power Platform Build Tools.


Ok attached a doc file (since .txt is not permitted here)

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Well, that is plenty strange alright. So you're getting an XML read error on your configs when trying to download 'Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools'


What that xml config is, I am not sure, but it reports it at line 1, position 1, so maybe the file isn't there at all or maybe the data is corrupt somehow?


Have you tried just re-downloading the install package in case something went wrong when you pulled it down the first time?

@rfontijn does the error you see reproduce easily or is this a one-off error?

Generally speaking: The ToolInstaller task does need to be able to reach, and any 301/302 redirects those might reply with. All that communication is anonymous only.

I've looked at the logs in the
- the calls to to download the needed PS modules succeeded

- the download for the Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools .nupkg gets initiated, but then fails when the standard PS nuget package provider does its OData query.
It clearly can't parse the data it received. Is it possible that your build agent is behind a proxy that returns e.g. an authN page or similar?

2020-06-19T10:15:19.4806771Z ##[debug]Searching repository ''Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools'' for ''.
2020-06-19T10:15:19.4831896Z ##[debug]00:00:00.6224489 Downloading ''Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools'&$skip=0&$top=...'.
2020-06-19T10:15:19.4961536Z ##[debug]00:00:00.6430063 Completed downloading ''Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreTools'&$skip=0&$top=...'.
2020-06-19T10:15:19.5089749Z ##[debug]00:00:00.6486181 System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Xml.XmlException: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1. 

The agent is not behind a proxy as far as I can see. It is just a regular Azure VM instance with the agent installed.

When I go to the OData URL manually from that VM, it just downloads the json file perfectly. (that is of course not under the 'network service' account the agent runs with)


I just deleted all the locally downloaded tasks on the agent and restarted the pipeline resulting with the same error.


Is there anything I can run or check to diagnose this?

@rfontijn does a regular nuget AzDevOps task work on this VM?


The local NetworkService acct should allow the unauthenticated call to that the ToolInstaller task is executing.
Alternatively, try running your pipeline on one of the AzureDevOps hosted windows agents

Yes, we have many pipelines that work with nuget packages currently working on that server.


Running on a hosted machine works indeed, but does not fix my problem.

It seems that the Tool Installer script is writing a nuget.config file to the toolspath dir:

in my case: \_work\21\_t\PA_BT\nuget.config


However, the only contents of this file is:

<configuration />


When I fix this file manually, it doesn't help, because it would be overwritten each time. 

Fixed it by adding the powershell task in the pipeline containing the following script:


Unregister-PackageSource -Source


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