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Property tag working different for field and dataset control



We are working on a dataset control and came across a situation where we wanted to get additional entity fields data apart from which we are getting from Views, so we used property-set but as of now property-set doesn’t support Lookup, Multiset Option set, and few other types fields.


In order to handle this, we can use the addColumn method in the code and get the values for it.


However, our issues are that the property-set (usage=input) now only allows us to type the field value, the dropdown is greyed out. But, I remember this being not the case initially and surprisingly it works for field control and we can either enter a hardcoded value or select field we wanted the same thing to work on dataset control.


We also tried using the property tag, but, the output is the same.


You can find attached the controlmanifest.xml for our control.


Please suggest if we are doing something wrong.





Re: Property tag working different for field and dataset control

I am missing something??


Please help @jopursle @v-monli-msft  @v-xida-msft @AnqiChen 




Power Apps Staff AnqiChen
Power Apps Staff

Re: Property tag working different for field and dataset control

hi sheldon,


Your understanding is correct.


For data-set control, the 'property-set' is 'bound' only. And all candidate fields are from the <data-set> node associated entity.


The 'property' node, sibling of <data-set> node is for static input only.


Now the issue is that the 'property-set' does not allow you to pick all available attributes. For example, lookup & multi-optionset are not in the candidate.


Per my understanding, the multi-optionset might still yet to be exposed. But simply for 'lookup', a quick work-around (we have not fully expose, but u could try) is:

1) For the node_module, 'pcf-scripts'

2) Find the file, 'ManifestSchema.json' and edit it

3) with the 'dataType' list, add "Lookup.Simple" in the 'enum'


And after that, u should be able to unblock lookup in the property-set and use 'Lookup.Simple' as the type.


We have not yet expose the 'lookup', but if u just put it for <property-set>, it should be fine.






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