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Render / Using react components inside PowerApps Component Framework



I was trying to include my own React components inside a PowerApps component based on the Angular flip component example without much success.


Given the HostControl is already using react and ReactDom to render its contents, any recommendations about how to include our own components as child components of that Root element?


I've tried even rendering my own subcomponent using ReactDOM.render against the container's id without much luck either 🙂


It would be ideal to use React components to save us from having to create HTMLElements manually... 😛


There is an issue raised in the docs repo with the same question:



Power Apps
Power Apps

React components aren't supported for framework components yet. This is due to the way React components would get added to the host React app, basically as a disconnected DOM tree which could lead to a lot of unforseen issues. We are actively working on a good solution for React support, and hope to have good news in this area soon.



Any update? Smiley Happy

We are finalizing our guidance/samples and should be able to share very soon.   Please stay tuned.  

Any update or ETA?

Sorry for the delay; we should have our React guidance available soon. I will update this thread when it is available.

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Hi jmontana,


React components are officially supported right now you can refer below link on how to use them in PCF.


Please Feel free to mark the answer as verified if it is useful




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