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Showing View Selector and Command bar on Subgrid Custom Compnonent


I'd like to retain the view selector on the subgrid when I'm applying a dataset custom control just so I can switch between my custom control and ootb subgrid. This should be possible because when I set the ootb subgrid as the default control and I switch to my PCF control thru the subgrid view selector, the whole command bar still remains.
Any advice on how I can make this to work?



This work is being picked up.

I guess the check-in could be at about next 2 weeks. And it needs  about 6-7 weeks to release to North America area.

So I would say it needs about 2 months for this to be landed

How should i make the command bar work as OOTB like if i have any PCF control for the opportunity homegrid. On select of record i should be able to see the close as lost ,close as won button.

If you use setSelectedRecordIds the command bar will show up the commands available for those records

Very Thanks it works @ScottDurow 


Is there any way we can show jumpbar for custom control applied to the homegrid.


When you say ‘jump bar’ do you mean ‘command bar’ - the bar with the buttons on it like delete and edit?
If so, you control visibility using the manifest - but it is for the whole control. You would need to create different controls if you wanted to show it on the home grid but not on other grids.

<data-set name=”foo” cds-data-set-options=”displayCommandBar:true;displayViewSelector:true;displayQuickFind:true”>

No I mean the bar shown in the screenshot.

Ah - got it!
There isn’t anyway to show that for PCF dataset controls. I think this is because it is actually part of the grid control - so you would have to implement it yourself. It would be fairly easy to do - you would use the setFilters to add a condition.


Thanks for quick response Scott.

Yeah will probably try that.


hi Scott/Bhuvita,


Thanks Scott for providing insights. Yes, the 'jumpbar' could be achieved within the control.


For our implemetation, the 'jumpbar' is outside of the control and one could actually reuse it.

On the control's manifest

<data-set name=”foo” cds-data-set-options=”displayCommandBar:true;displayViewSelector:true;displayQuickFind:true”>


You could insert another keyword 'displayIndex:true', then it should show jumpbar on HomePageGrid. Please note:

1) I am not that certain that we will expose this officially. If not exposed, then we could still use Scott's suggestion.

2) There seems a bug that the jumpbar is rendering on side. I will follow associated team. Attach is current status of 'jumpbar'

2) On subgrid, we need also enable 'jumpbar/index' in the field designer



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