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Solution Checker and PCF Component with React



We are having some issues with running the solution checker on unmanaged PCF Components with React imported as a dependency.


If i take this example and compile a solution from it, it will give 398 errors from the solution checker (mostly from the react bundle)


Are there any ways to ignore external libraries or maybe i am compiling this in a wrong way?


msbuild /t:build /restore /p:configuration=Release



Hello Kristoffer,

Let me guess... The App Checker mostly barks on the usage of "top" wording?

I raised this issue with the product group but in my case, I had issues running App Checked with Html/JS WebResources. I will revisit my email box to restart the discussion.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Thanks for reporting @Kristoffer88  I have reported the issue and we will investigate this. @a33ik please loop me in the discussion with PG. There is work pending for PCF solution checker alignment and it would be helpful context. 





Today, I have had a call with another person who reported a very similar issue. In that specific case, the root cause was that they run building of PCF in a debug mode:


npm run build



For building production version of the package you should run:


npm run build -- --buildMode production




msbuild /p:configuration=Release


depending on your build system.


Solution checker is designed to check "production built" packages, not "debug" ones.


Next doc updates were made:

Added: known issue for PCF by lesyk · Pull Request #2561 · MicrosoftDocs/powerapps-docs (

- Add: prod build version command by lesyk · Pull Request #2560 · MicrosoftDocs/powerapps-docs (github...


Also, issue on XRMToolbox was raised: [Feature]: Build and deployment of "Debug" version of PCF to the "Prod" environment · Issue #56 · Po...

Hi. As you can see in my opening  post, this is already build with 

msbuild /t:build /restore /p:configuration=Release


The problem it seems, is that is it checking all the dependencies of my packages (react etc)

Is it possible for you to share more details:

1. Process of the build:

Did you opened terminal, navigated to your folder and just pasted:

msbuild /t:build /restore /p:configuration=Release

right? Or some other acitons/programs are used?


2. May you share a list of errors that you are getting for the

3. Is it is possible to provide files/recordings that would speedup the process?

Advocate I
Advocate I

I think it has to do, with the way i am building it as a unmanaged solution.


To my understanding this is needed to include it into a existing solution and exporting that to another environment


i do this by editing this:


line 12+13

<!-- Solution Package Type: Unmanaged(0)/Managed(1)/Both(2)-->
and solution.cdsproj
line 19-21
This is to get a unmanaged component, that i can import into another solution and then exporting it as a managed for customers. Maybe there is a better practice to do this?
Here is a video of the build:
Upload and Health Check results:
New Member


Did you find a solution to the problem @Kristoffer88 ? Or anyone else?

I am also building it as a unmanaged solution (.cdsproj file edited) and I also use:

msbuild /p:configuration=Release




The 4 types of issues I have:

  • web-avoid-window-top
  • web-remove-console
  • web-use-strict-equality-operators
  • web-use-strict-mode

But most issues seem to come from third party libraries.

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Hi, I'm currently working with PCF and I encounter the same error. Is it resolved now?

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