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Advocate V
Advocate V

Subgrid PCF on Dashboard - view selector and width issues

Hey all - was hoping I could get a hand solving my dilemma. I have a PCF for a subgrid on a dashboard - It's just the fluent ui detail list with some custom rendering for items and rows. It works fine everywhere but on my dashboard (see my loading image below). I'm guessing it's because my component is being rendered out before the width of the presentation flexbox on the dashboard and this is causing issues with the width of the cells/rows. Anyone solved this in a non-hacky way?



My second issue was that the view selector and search box don't seem to be turning up. It's fine on a form, but not working on the dashboard. Is there something else I need to do apart form setting my cds-data-set-options or is this a limitation?

Thanks for any help!

Advocate II
Advocate II

If you are trying to put PCF components on the Dashboard page. At this time is not possible. On the Release 2020 wave plan 2 is a feature that will be released.


Check it out


Please mark as solutions if answer your question.

The control does render on the dashboard though, it just doesn't seem to adhere to the dataset options I've set in the manifest. I can guess as to why - different controls may have different options so which do you use? I think you're suggesting these custom pages will deal with that, but it doesn't seem clear if that's true.


Also my control seems to be loading before the containing dashboard flex box has a width/height which is what's causing my strange loading - any suggestions on how best to handle that? Anyone used the fluent ui detail list yet and figured out an approach?

I guess for dashboard pages it is not supported yet. The link that I shared talk about it. Because the context from the form is different from the dashboard page. I recommend opening a case with Microsoft if subgrid with PCF controls are supported on the dashboard. it looks like not based on shared url.

I have the same issue. The control is loaded on the dashboard but the view selector and command bar are not displayed even though I already added the cds dataset options node in my PCF's manifest. Does it mean that this is a limitation for PCF attached to dashboards for now?

I guess yes. Because in the release wave 2 of 2020 there are new feature about it.

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