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Unable to update solution

I managed to create a component and import the solution then the component.

Then I modified the component and tried to re-import the solution, but the changes are not reflected in PowerApps.

More info at:




I haven't played with Canvas app a lot but I would recommend to delete component in your canvas app and re-import it from CDS.

I've already tried that. 😞

I suspect the error is somewhere sooner in the development pipeline,

because whenever I import the updated solution at it still shows version 1.0.0. and that it was modified "1d ago".

FYI I use the commands "msbuild /t:rebuild" then "msbuild" from .../TestComp2Solution.

Then import the file from .../TestComp2Solution/bin/Debug

There are two places that there are versions, the solution version and then the internal control version.

The version that you are seeing that isn't being incremented is the solution version and you need to increment the version in Solution.xml to see it reflected in the import UI.  The control version is the one that is in ControlManifest.Input.xml.


Try incrementing the version in Other\Solution.xml and see if that works for you.

Thanks, but it doesn't work.

The solution version is indeed updated, but the content of the component is not. 😞


What's interesting is that I removed all the files and folders generated by the packaging steps, re-implemented those and the problem still exists.


It's very frustrating now.



I've got multiple components created in the past days, and in PowerApps the modified dates of these components are the dates when they were first created, not when first built.



I've just noticed that even if I delete the solution, in PowerApps when I want to import a component it still shows the deleted ones.

The update flow has been added, I'm just not sure the exact time it will be available.

When building a new version of the control, only the control version needs to be incremented.  After importing the solution with the new control, close the and reopen the app.

On reopen after the dialog for allowing custom components there should be another dialog about allowing updating of the code components.  Saying yes here should update the custom components that are on that app.


Let me know if this works, and if not I can investigate further.

Thanks, but I don't see an "update option" when I re-open the app 😞

I've just created a brand new solution/component but the issue is still the same.


What's interesting that I've deleted all my previous solutions but they still can be seen in the import tab.

And their modified date is the date I first uploaded them and not when I last updated them.


I've uploaded a step-by-step description of what I'm doing, maybe this way we can figure out the problem. 🙂

It probably has to do with some weirdness about it being an unmanaged solution which doesn't uninstall as cleanly as a managed solution would.  On the solutions page, can you click on the "Publish all customizations" button.  Then close and reopen the app to see if you get the update dialog afterwards?

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