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Updated PCF Tooling version is now available (July 2019)!

The updated version of PCF tooling (PowerApps CLI) is now available! We are excited to announce that the new version is offering an enhanced test harness UI and support for data-set control mock data input.  This release contains a number of other improvements too:


  • Test harness now supports mock data-set inputs from a local CSV file. You can export mock data from any environment and use it in your inner developer loop to simulate data-set control behavior!
  • Updated test harness UI which is now aligned with PowerApps UI theme and improved collapsible panes.
  • We made the test harness UI more accessible to enable all developers
  • The test harness now allows selection of different form factors (Web, Tablet, and Phone). This will enable you to test how your form-factor based implementation impacts control behavior. To take your local testing even further, we will also add the ability to manually adjust height & width in the coming release.
  • There is now added support for PCF 'UsesFeature' capability in control manifest.
  • We further made improvements in manifest validation for controls with datasets


Please make sure to update your Microsoft PowerApps CLI to the latest version and take advantage of all the latest capabilities by following the upgrade instructions. You can also find newly added features described in the updated documentation


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to respond to this post.


I currently get an error when I try to run "pac install latest". But I am able download the latest installer and update without any issue.


What version of the CLI were trying to update from?

Based on my download history it is powerapps-cli-0.1.51.

EDIT: It is happening in the latest version (powerapps-cli-0.2.67.msi) as well.


Hi rajyraman,


Can you try to uninstall the "Microsoft PowerApps CLI" msi?  Then try to re-install it again.  Upon successful install please to to re-run the "pac install latest".




Uninstalled, reinstalled and then ran the pac install latest command. No change in behaviour.

Found the issue. The commandline to update the package is missing double quotes for OutputDirectory, as the output directory contains space.image.png

Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.  I'll file a bug against this.

Uses-feature looks great... any documentation regarding the usage? 


      <uses-feature name="Device.captureAudio" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Device.captureImage" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Device.captureVideo" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Device.getBarcodeValue" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Device.getCurrentPosition" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Device.pickFile" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="Utility" required="true" />
      <uses-feature name="WebAPI" required="true" />


Just finished giving mock data a test run, and honestly guys, you did an amazing job on the implementation.


It's so easy to use, literally takes 1 minutes to export data from my D365 instance and run it within a dataset project.

Here's a quick tutorial for the rest of the community:



Well done, real happy with this latest update!


The only enhancement i would add to this is potentially have XLSX as an import format as well as CSV, as it's an extra step removed not having to convert to CSV after exporting to D365.  But that's just being picky, it only takes a couple of clicks in excel.



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