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npm run start watch uuid/v4


Today I'm programming on an other computer. I don't know what's the different to my old computer.


If I run

npm run start watch


Error [ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED]: Package subpath './v4' is not defined by "exports" in ...\node_modules\uuid\package.json.


In the files



I replace

 var uuidv4 = require('uuid/v4');


try {
    var uuidv4 = require('uuid/v4');
catch (error) {
    var { v4uuidv4 } = require('uuid');
and it worked again.
May be someone have a idea what I have installed wrong.
txs Flori
Super User
Super User

Hi @FlorianGrimm , 


In the uuid npm package, it seems that deep requires are deprecated with version 7 (


But the PCF seems to use uuid version "^3.3.2" (if I see this right in the "node_modules/pcf-scripts/package.json") , which means that it might install until uuid v3.4.0. In th v3.* where the deep requires were supported:


It seems to me that it's using the latest version of uuid, but I'm not sure why. If you say, it's only on another computer, I would think on global install of uuid with a newer version, but I have no idea why the local install is not taken.


Maybe you can use "npm list" and check which version of uuid is used.


Hope it helps!

Kind regards,





it seems jest does this to me...

+-- jest@26.6.3
| +-- @jest/core@26.6.3
| | +-- @jest/console@26.6.2
| | +-- @jest/reporters@26.6.2
| | | +-- node-notifier@8.0.0
| | | | +-- uuid@8.3.1
| | +-- jest-config@26.6.3
| | | +-- jest-environment-jsdom@26.6.2
| | | | +-- jest-util@26.6.2 deduped
| | | | `-- jsdom@16.4.0
| | | |   +-- request@2.88.2
| | | |   | `-- uuid@3.4.0
| +-- awesome-typescript-loader@5.2.1
| | +-- chalk@2.4.2
| | `-- webpack-log@1.2.0
| |   `-- uuid@3.4.0
| +-- uuid@3.4.0
+-- pcf-start@1.4.4
| +-- live-server@1.2.1
| | +-- http-auth@3.1.3
| | | `-- uuid@3.4.0

so I used 

npm install uuid@^3.3.2 --save-dev

the mysteries of node_modules .. I will (want) never understand


txs for the hint

New Member



I am getting the same error while running the command 'npm start'

Package subpath './v4' is not defined by "exports" in ..\node_modules\pcf-start\node_modules\uuid\package.json


Node.js version - node-v14.17.1-x64


Any suggestion please to resolve this issue?



Super User
Super User

Hi @mpnandini , 

These days there seems to be another issue with the pac cli 1.7.2. which  brings the error.

There is another thread on this one, maybe it helps:


Kind regards,



@floriangrimm yes, a regression has snuck in with our latest release 1.7.2, we're sorry for the inconvenience 😞


As you mentioned, pinning to an older version in your package.json will for now let you work around.

We're working on releasing a hot fix to update the localfilesetting.ts file to properly require the v4 submodule


CC: @DianaBirkelbach @mpnandini @HemantG 

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