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Encodian - New PDF Conversion, OCR, Watermark and Image Clean-Up capabilities in Flow

Hey Flow Fans!

My name is Jay Goodison, one of the co-founders of Encodian and this post covers our recently released 'Encodian' connector which provides a new set of robust actions for creating, watermarking, securing, OCR'ing and merging PDF documents as well as image clean-up operations, bringing auto-rotate, de-skew and de-speckle capabilities (plus lots more!) to Flow.

So, first things first… Yes, this is a standard connector which may require a paid subscription. We do offer a 'Free' subscription plan which is not functionally limited, but unfortunately, we do have to charge for higher throughput plans as unfortunately we have a fairly large Azure bill and our Engineering Team insists on being paid real money; Human Resources haven’t been to impressed with my alternative propositions! Anyhow… back to the technology.

What does the connector do?

Document Format Conversion

First and foremost we provide a powerful set of PDF document conversion capabilities which support 70+ different file types coupled with advanced configuration options, such as dynamically removing document comments and tracked changes, creating a PDF document which conforms to a specific PDF/A compliance level and controlling the creation of PDF bookmarks. We provide native support for long-running operations, so you don’t need to do anything differently our connector will silently manage this for you!

1.jpgDocument PDF Manipulation

The Encodian connector also provides actions which allow you to add text and image watermarks, insert HTML pages (Document approval coversheets!) and encrypt / secure PDF documents. Obviously you can chain lots of actions together, where we enable you to control when you’d like a Flow action to return a processed document. This vastly reduces the amount of data passed during the flow, thus increasing throughput speed and reducing significantly the possibility of an error.

2.jpgPDF OCR / Image Clean-Up

Ever needed to add a text layer to an existing PDF document to ensure a document's content is indexed for search? Or needed to clean-up a poorly scanned document or photo? Auto-rotate pages, remove blank pages, remove borders, etc? Our 'OCR a PDF Document' has you covered! Furthermore, you can use our 'Image Clean Up (Document)' and 'Image Clean Up (Image)' actions to individually clean-up images prior to conversion… really useful where capturing image data via PowerApps and ensuring quality documents are added to your chosen repository.


Can't wait to get it?     

Simply add an Encodian action to a Flow! However, you will be asked for an API Key. To do this simply complete this form on our website which will automatically set up a trial licence and your API Key will be available within seconds!

Anything else I need to know?

You can find out more about the 'Free’ and other subscription plans here

Over the next few months we'll be gradually releasing further flow actions which will provide some even more great capabilities for manipulating documents, HTML watermarks, extracting data  + more.

We'd also appreciate your feedback! Is there anything you'd just love to be able to do with a document such as manipulation, data extraction and related? Then please send me a direct message or get in contact via

If you got this far, thank you Smiley Happy


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