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Flow - Calculate Date Diference

Definition :- ticks(timestamp: string) - Returns the number of ticks (100 nanoseconds interval) since 1 Jan 1601  00:00:00 UT


Scenario :-


SharePoint list contains following columns:-


Title (Single Line of Text)

Contract Executed Date (Date)




 MS Flow :-


Get items from list














Run Select data operation to calculate number of days between Today's date and the Contract Executed Date













The expression for Days Since Contract Executed :-

ticks(formatDateTime(utcNow(),'yyyy-MM-dd') - Number of Ticks since 1 Jan 1601 and Today's Date
ticks(item()?['ContractExecutedDate']) - Number of Ticks since 1 Jan 1601 and Contract Executed date
sub - subtracting the number of ticks
div - divide the result from 864000000000 (conversion from nanoseconds to days)
Output of Select when Flow runs :-
Another use case would be to do date comparisons using Ticks
Filter all contracts which have Contract executed date in the last week
ticks(item()?['ContractExecutedDate']) - Number of Ticks since 1 Jan 1601 and Contract Executed date
ticks(formatDateTime(adddays( utcNow(),-7),'yyyy-MM-dd')) - Number of Ticks since 1 Jan 1601 and [Today's Date - 7 ] (in the last week)
utcNow() - current date and time
adddays( utcNow(),-7) - adds (-7) days to todays date 
formatDateTime(adddays( utcNow(),-7),'yyyy-MM-dd') - format the date time to date 'yyyy-MM-dd'
Check if ticks - Contract Executed date is greater than the ticks  - since Last week
Data in Contracts List :-

Flow - Filter using ticks expression
Flow - Select the filtered operation result and get Tile of contract
Result of Flow run for Select -
Only "Contract 2" is returned as it has Contract Executed Date since last week
Thanks for reading !!!

Hi Mdorrani,


Maybe you can help me with this:


I build the "Select" part of the flow based on this article, but i can't seem to use the output it gives me?





For me, worked this way:






Hi Guys,


I hope this helps, this is how I was able to find a solution concerning this. I defined a variable which checks how many minutes have elapsed since the record was last updated if the value is greater than 1 minute (or 5, depending on what you want), then the flow is allowed to proceed (the part that updates an item), this will stop the loop.




Changes made.PNGchanges2.PNG

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