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New Flownaut Super User Program!


Announcing our new Super User Program!


As your Flow Community Admin, I am thrilled to announce the kickoff of the Flownaut Super User Program.



FAQ: Super User Program & Being a Flownaut


1. What is the Super User Program?

2. Who are the Flownauts?

3. How can I be nominated as a Flownaut Super User?

4. What's next?


1. What is the Super User Program?

The Super User Program is an exclusive group of nominated community members who are recognized as top contributors, community experts, and individuals who are passionate about growing your Flow community. Since this year marks the founding class of the Super User Program, these Flownaut Super Users were nominated by your Microsoft Flow Community Admin (me, AT Chang!). This Super User Program extends across all Power User communities - Microsoft Flow, Power BI and PowerApps. For example, Microsoft Flow Super Users will be donned the badge and title "Flownauts", Power BI Super Users as "Datanauts", and PowerApps Super Users as "Appstronauts".

SU18_flow_003.pngSuper User "Flownaut" Badge

SU18_powerbi_003.pngSuper User "Datanaut" BadgeSU18_powerapps_003.pngSuper User "Appstronaut" Badge











You will be able to see an individual's Super User status in their profile page:

Asset 4.pngExample Super User Flownaut profile




















2. Who are the Flownauts? 

Flownauts are Super Users recognized in the Flow Community as top contributors, community experts, and individuals who are passionate about growing the Flow community.



We are pleased to announce the founding class of the Super User Flownaut Program:

See some familiar names? Be sure to congratulate your fellow Flownauts on their new rank! Their community contributions and Flow expertise continues to make the Flow Community a more welcoming and valuable space.


3. How can I be nominated as a Flownaut Super User?

Since this year marks the founding class of the Super User Program, these Flownaut Super Users were nominated by your Microsoft Flow Community Admin (me, AT Chang!).


If you have not been nominated yet and are interested in participating in the Flownaut Super User Program, there will be future opportunities for community members to nominate each other to recognize their respective community contributions (ex. consistent community blog posts, activity in the Flow forum discussions, increasing number of authored accepted solutions etc.). The details on those opportunities will be announced on the Flow Community.


And as your Community Admins and lead moderators, @JonL-MSFT and I (@anhthuch4ng) will also be keeping an eye out for potential Flownauts who exhibit outstanding community contributions.


4. What's next?

  • Congratulate your new Flownaut Super Users and get connected!
  • Discover a new Flow trick that your community would love? Tag your fellow Flownaut to help share!
  • Stumped by a community forum question? Tag a Flownaut to leverage their expertise on the topic.


We look forward to the positive impact the Flownaut Super Users will have on the success and growth of this communtiy.

You feedback and thoughts on this new program are valued - feel free to comment below or DM me (anhthuch4ng) if you have any questions or suggestions for our Flownaut Super Users.


Happy Flowing,

-AT (Flow Community Admin)


Congrats all! Love seeing growth in this community!

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