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Printing Documents Automatically Using Power Automate

I've decided to write this solution for anyone that needs to be able to print automatically from flow.  The solution is pretty easy, but you need a few things first:

  1. A multifunction printer that supports POP3 email protocol (if you can scan to email from your copier it means you likely have POP3 capabilities too.  Most modern copiers have this ability.)
  2. An email address that is dedicated to only this task.

The workflow of this solution is simple:  

  1. Create a PDF in Flow
  2. Email that PDF to your dedicated email address
  3. The copier checks for incoming email and prints off the attached PDF

OK, you're still here.  Let's begin.  

For this task I will be using Gmail, and a Kyocera Copier.



  • The email must have POP enabled (gmail, yahoo, and outlook need this protocol enabled manually, it's easy).
  • If you use Gmail, the advanced security must be turned off.
  • You cannot use 2 factor verification. 
  • This email MUST BE dedicated to this task (or else one day you may find your copier has printed 500 pages of "$$%^:) ¢bσµ...."
  1. Go to and setup a new PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNT.
  2. Once setup go to "settings" and enable "POP" for all mail: 
  3. Go to your Google account settings and turn on "Less Secure App Access":


That's it for the email.




  • Your copier must support POP3 protocol.  
  • Note:  not all copiers that support POP3 will print email attachments.  Most major brands support this feature: Kyocera, Ricoh, Brother.  Some manufactures require you to purchase a special software addon call I-FAX to do this.
  • You can only print the following: .pdf, .xps, .jpg, .png, .txt.  Some copiers support other file types for direct print, but .pdf is universally accepted.  
  • The copier must have valid network settings.  (IP address, Gateway, DNS).


  1. Google "pop settings for (insert your chosen email provider)":
  2. Login to your copier's REMOTE USER INTERFACE: 
    1. open a web browser
    2. type in the copier's IPv4 address into the address bar
    3. login (if you don't know the password then Google "default password (insert copiers model/make)"


    3. Navigate to your copier's email settings (each manufacture is different, refer to your manual):  

    4. Enter your email's POP settings:


    5. Use the test function from the Copier's web interface.

  •  If it failed check: 
    • Network settings (for most copiers you have to restart the device for network changes to take affect.  The most common problem is that the DNS settings are wrong.)
    • SSL/TLS settings:  Gmail uses SSL, others use STARTTLS which they sometimes refer to as just "TLS".
    • Wrong password.
    • Email's security settings (on the server's end).

That's it, happy printing.  If you need help contact me.  Keep in mind not all copiers support this.  And to set this up properly you need to know basic networking and a little bit about how email clients work. 


Really nice its super helpful!!!!!!


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