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Why Don't I See All My SharePoint List Items?

If you use the SharePoint Get Items action in Flow to retrieve items from SharePoint lists, there are configuration changes that must be made to ensure that all list items are retrieved.  This is true even if you use an OData filter to limit the items returned.  Anyone creating Flows should be aware of this and other Flow limits.


Let's work through an example that demonstrates how Flow limits can impact the results of your Flows and why you need to be aware of them.


Assume that I have a business reason to copy items from one SharePoint list (Source List) to another list (Destination List).   The source list contains 500 items.  I use a button to trigger the item copy.  


Here is a screenshot of my Flow:




So, my Flow runs without error but there's a problem.  Only 100 items were created in the Destination list.


Here's why - the Get Items action defaults to retrieving a maximum of 100 records.  To retrieve more than 100 items,  go to the Get Items settings configuration screen.  Set pagination to "On" and set the Limit to a number that will ensure that all items will be retrieved.



With the changes made above, my Flow now copies all 500 items


Let's change my example a bit.  Assume that the source list has 6000 entries that I'd like to copy to the destination list.  When I attempt to set the Get Items configuration to allow for 6000 items and save my Flow, I receive an error indicating that I can't set the maximum above 5000.  In addition, there is a hard limit of 5000 iterations in an Apply to Each loop.  There is no configuration change that can alter this behavior.


Anyone creating Flows should be aware of these and other Flow limits.  Additional Flow limits include:

  • Flows can run for a maximum of 30 days
  • Until loops have a maximum of 5000 iterations (but default to 60)
  • There is a maximum of 250 actions per Flow

Use this link for more information on Flow limits and configuration.






I have no problems paginate beyond 5000 rows, I also have no problems running apply to each for all 6690 rows.


So yes, there's still a limit, but I believe it is much higher now.

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