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I bang on a keyboard all day. Not because I think of it as my bosses head, but I've managed to make a career of tap, tap, tapping all day long and sometimes well into the evening or weekend. 

Over time, I hunch and my shoulders pinch and if left unchecked can turn into something more chronic and difficult to manage. Well,  20 years into an IT career, and I'm on the other side of that and having to take time every day to stand up and work and incorporate movement into my day. It's helping to stand up and work occasionally, rather than sit down each day, all day. Now we can schedule Flow notification/reminders with some advanced scheduling features. 

With this blog post, I'll show you how to quickly setup notification reminders throughout your specified work week, to stand up to work as well as a remiders to take two minute walk every 30 minutes as recommneded by CNN.