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DaveBurrell Resolver I
Resolver I

Understanding what version of Power Automate your instance is running!


yashkamdar Advocate I
Advocate I

Recently I wrote a nice blog here on how to Convert the Audio recorded from Microphone Control of Power Apps to Text by configuring a Power Automate solution which consumes Azure Cognitive Services.

Since I had to work with a number of components like Power Apps, Power Automate, Azure function, FFMpeg codec and Azure cognitive services to create this solution, I had to divide my blog into 3 parts.

  1. Design a Canvas App with The Microphone Control to capture Audio.
  2. Create an Azure Function to convert audio captured in Power Apps from WEBM to WAV format using FFmpe...
  3. Create a Power Automate (Flow) to create an HTML file, using the text obtained from the output of th...