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Advocate II
Advocate II

2.19 Errors Text Field Error

Good morning,

I'm getting an error on 2.19 when a variable is null and attempting to replace text in an entry field. This has never been an issue before and only experienced on this version with the below error. It seems unreasonable to add a condition to check if each variable is blank before attempting to fill. 





Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.SDK.ActionException: Failed to write in textbox (error while writing) ---> System.ArgumentException: The input array was empty
Parameter name: inputs
   at WindowsInput.WindowsInputMessageDispatcher.DispatchInput(INPUT[] inputs)
   at WindowsInput.KeyboardSimulator.TextEntry(String text)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.UIAutomation.Plugin.UI.UIElement.Populate(String text, PopulateTextModeEnum mode, MouseClickTypeEnum mouseOperationMode)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Common.Proxy.LocalAutomationRuntime.PopulateTextFieldInWindow(String windowSelector, String textFieldSelector, String textToFillIn, Guid windowId, Int32 operationMode, Int32 mouseOperationMode, Int32 automationImpl)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.PopulateTextFieldInWindow.<>c__DisplayClass16_0.<Execute>b__0(IAutomationRuntime r)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Common.UIAutomationActionBase.PerformAutomation(Action`1 action, UIControl control)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.PopulateTextFieldInWindow.Execute(ActionContext context)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.PopulateTextFieldInWindow.Execute(ActionContext context)
   at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Robin.Engine.Execution.ActionRunner.Run(IActionStatement statement, Dictionary`2 inputArguments, Dictionary`2 outputArguments)



Advocate II
Advocate II

2.20 version is now out and it looks like this bug is fixed in the newest version!

@rolign Where are you getting that information from? There is no 2.20 available on the site for download. 


@NikosMoutzou@John_Mavridis , any update on this?

I had the same issue with 2.19. I worked around it by using send keys to the element - Ctrl + A modifier then delete.

Helper II
Helper II

I can confirm that I'm running into the same issues. 


Also experiencing an added bonus of API calls sending invalid JSON that I've been unable to get the complete contents of since the error doesn't occur when running attended and Power Automate cloud doesn't give the full error to see what's happening.


2.19 has been... not great.  It's not 2.14 bad, but it's close.

This doesn't appear to be accurate as of 5/17/22.

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