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New Member

Argument 'BrowserInstance' must be 'Web browser instance'



I have an issue where PAD at random gives me this error: Argument 'BrowserInstance' must be 'Web browser instance'


It can be both after either attaching to or starting a new browser.

But for this specific issue, it's just when I open the Chrome browser, navigate to a website and then I want PAD to click a button - and it's just about 50/50 whether I get this issue or not at this point.


PAD is executing unattended on a VM, and I have been wondering if it can be caused by a lack of resources? Is this a common error?


Does anybody know why this happens at random and what I can do to bulletproof this?

Super User
Super User

Set up an on error action to reattach to the browser if an error occurs. 

New Member

Hi @MichaelAnnis 


Thanks for your comment. I've tried that, and it usually bugs out as well, sadly.


It's hard to say, but maybe that solutions helps the error-rate up a bit from 50/50 to 40/60. None of my fail-safes has been bulletproof, as of now I'm having it close the browser, open a new instance and try the script again (which still fails).


I was hoping that there was something I've overseen in PAD - do you experience the same error commonly?

New Member

Hi, I had the similar issue while launching the New chrome browser instance and that got resolved after I have uninstalled and installed back the Microsoft power desktop extension. See if that works for you as well.



Helper I
Helper I

Did you ever find a solution that works? This is happening to me constantly. Sometimes it hangs after opening the browser. With error handling set to continue on error after timeout, I then get the 'BrowserInstance must be Web browser instance' error.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Yeah I get this with IE and the Automation browser on my just fine on my laptop....

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