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Argument 'Text' Must be 'Encrypted value' populate textfield from Variable.

Hello guys,

Facing error when trying to populate textfield from Variable.


Error: Argument 'Text' Must be 'Encrypted value'.


I am able fill the text field with direct number '20134687', But when i try to fill it with value from variable %Output[6]% . I get the above error.









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Thank you for your help, I found that the input type accepts only number because of that it was not able to enter the value, so I tried converting it as txt to number, then it was able to enter the value into the field.

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Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Hi Ikhan,


This works fine for me, which version of PAD are you using now? 

Have you double checked the data of the datatable, from your picture %OutputData[6]% ? Does it have value or not? 


Thanks anpopulate.pngd hope it can help you. 



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New Member

I am using the latest version.

I did print the value inside the variable before the statement to check it has the value.  

Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Which browsers & versions are you using now? Are you using private mode or protected mode? 


I think PAD is having issues with these modes and it has not fixed yet. The PAD version is still unstable and having issues.






New Member


Thank you for your help, I found that the input type accepts only number because of that it was not able to enter the value, so I tried converting it as txt to number, then it was able to enter the value into the field.

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Hi, i have only recently found this error as well since we upgraded to the latest version of Power Automate Desktop. We have a list of numbers (as a variable) that we need to enter through a loop into a website. We have tried converting text to number but that has not worked and we continue to get the error message of Encrypted value, is it a bug in the latest release? It was working before i upgraded.

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I am having a similar issue: after migrating a process created in Softmotive WinAutomation, when the process attempts to enter a text value (file names with full paths) into a web form's field as the process iterates through a list of the file names, I get the following error message: Argument 'Text' must be 'Encrypted value'.


I don't get the error if the file name with its full path is hardcoded into the text input item of the PAD script, only if that string of text is represented as a variable in the item--and that variable's value has been set dynamically as the process iterates through a list of file names.


I am not using the 'sensitive text' setting in the PAD script, and I am not entering text into a password field on the web form.  


Not sure how to proceed to debug this--and it seems to be a show-stopper.  I have to be able to iterate through the list of file names so that the flow can run unattended.  


OS is Windows 10 Pro

Seeing same issue whether using current version of Chrome or Firefox.


Any pointers would be appreciated.

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I had the same error when sending text variable into a web page element. Fixed it by encrypting and then decrypting the variable before the actual action. Strange, but it worked.



This looks very promising.  Managing AES encryption keys is way outside my scope though.  What is the most straightforward way to provide the AES function in PAD with an encryption key (that I'll need to create) and any other required fields?  I'm assuming Microsoft has a doc on this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it--probably just don't know enough to know exactly what to look for.

New Member

Success!!! The workaround to the form field's demand for encrypted text was successful--encrypting and then immediately decrypting the text before passing it to the insert function appears to resolve whatever the underlying matter may be.  I no longer get the error as the process loops through my list of file/path names.


Regarding AES, I just kept all the defaults provided by PAD in place (no salt, no IV, etc.), simply providing a 128-bit password.


I'm assuming that for the purpose of a workaround it doesn't really make sense to go to greater lengths on the security per se--but am open to advice otherwise. 


I'm also assuming that this minimalist approach keeps the burden of this workaround as low as possible on the overall process.

Thank you so much, this worked for me!

Frequent Visitor

this worked!  crazy.

New Member

Does anybody know how to generate a encryption key / what should be inputted into the Encryption key: dialog box?

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