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Automate Printing on a basic printer

Hi guys,

My curiosity into automation peaked when I felt like business and admin tasks were eating up more of my time than actual deep productive creative work. I set up my mind to automate most of my recurring business tasks and so the universe showed me the way to Zapier. I grew fascinated and soon started dipping my toes in other similar automation platforms like Integrately,Konnectzit etc.


However,one issue stayed unresolved and that was the ability to automate the printing of a simple pdf file or multiple on my local printer. I need to print out my purchase and sale invoices every month to submit to my accountant as well as to maintain a physical record(I do store everything digitally). This task usually takes me 1-2 hours. I eventually found out about Microsoft's Power Automate after countless failed attempts at trying to find a suitable software which could do the trick. To my surprise it was free!


Now,I've created a "flow" and added a folder and a printing task to it (excuse my inaccurate terminology).

The flow according to how I see it is supposed to filter out all the pdf,png,jpg files from a specified folder and the printer is later supposed to print all of it using the "Print document" action. I've added the flow variable "Files" in my print document action and it's showing an error that the argument specified must be a file.


Print document error.png


print flow.png



Please help. I'm using Windows 10 & a Brother basic monocrhome Printer. I've attached appropriate screenshots. Thanks in advance for your help 🙂 Have a great week ahead!



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%Files% is a list of files...example - all your PDFs.  The print action requires 1 file, so do this:




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Nevermind,I was able to do it 🙂

Time to test it out! Thanks a tonnn!!!



I did exactly what you mention and the printer doesn't seem to do anything...

I then added a set default printer action in between the get files and print doc action and still nothing happens...

What am I doing wrong?

Is there an error, or does it just go through like it is working and simply not print anything?


If there is an error, please post the screenshot.


The flow below seems correct, and it works on my machine.  This should be the equivalent of going to the folder, right clicking on the file, and left clicking on Print.  So, make sure you can do that first.  If that is not working, get with IT or whoever you need to in order to make sure that you have the rights, and printer setup functionality in order to do that.


Otherwise, we may have to open up your PAD to physically:

1)  open these documents

2)  Send Keys {Control}(p)

3)  Send Keys {Return}

and 4)  Send Keys {Alt}({F4})

inside of the For Each Loop in order to open, print, and close each one, but this should be a last resort.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the follow-up response!

It's going through the motions without any error but not actually performing anything.

I'll quickly troubleshoot and report back.

[UPDATE] I failed to mention that some of these pdfs are multi-page. I hope they don't cause problems.

Regards 🙂

[UPDATE] I just checked and found that the print option is missing when right clicking the pdf file. What is the fix? It's my personal pc so I can make any necessary changes. The print option for the jpg and the png files are available on right clicking. Thanks for the help in advance...


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I removed the pdf files from the folder and only left the png and jpg files and yet nothing happened.....

Where are you? 

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