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Resolver II
Resolver II

Button-press failed. ---> System.Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: Message timeout reached.

I have a button which when pressed will achived the action but PAD throws up an error.


Robin.Core.ActionException: Button-press failed. ---> System.Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: Message timeout reached.
at Robin.WebAutomationCore.WebExtensions.WebBrowserMessageHostService.SendRequest(JObject request)
at Robin.WebAutomationCore.WebExtensions.WebBrowserMessageHostService.SendFunctionToTab(String funcName, IntPtr hwnd, Int32 tabId, Object[] args)
at Robin.WebAutomationCore.WebExtensions.WebBrowserMessageHostService.RunFunctionOnTabInRuntime(IntPtr hwnd, Int32 tabId, String funcName, Object[] args) ->
at Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.WebAutomationRuntime.PressButtonOnWebPage(WebBrowserInstanceVariant webBrowserInstanceVariant, TextVariant cssSelectorOfButtonToPress, Boolean waitForPageToLoad, TextVariant dialogButtonToPress, WebPageCourseOfActionIfDialogAppearsEnum courseOfActionIfDialogAppears)
at Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.WebAutomationActions.PressButtonOnWebPage(Variant webBrowserInstance, Variant cssSelectorOfButtonToPress, Variant dialogButtonToPress, Boolean waitForPageToLoad, Int32 courseOfActionIfDialogAppears)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.PressButtonBase.Execute(ActionContext context)
at Robin.Runtime.Engine.ActionRunner.RunAction(String action, Dictionary`2 inputArguments, Dictionary`2 outputArguments, IActionStatement statement)


Any one know what is the cause ?



Hello GanCW,


Please let us know, while executing the flow, does the UI element that is chosen to send a click using "Press button on Webpage" is highlighted with Yellow background?

If not, check the CSS of the element if it changes dynamically and modify accordingly.

If yes, try to send a click using the below method "Physical left/right click on Web Element":


Having found the selector of the element that we are willing to send a physical click, we extract the position of the element on the web page, using the 'Get Details of Element on Web Page' action setting the attribute "waelementcentercoords" on the respective field in the advanced tab of the action. 


Once captured the coordinates, using the 'Split Text' Action, we separate the X,Y position on the web page, and increase them by the position of the browser window as shown above in actions 4 to 7.

Finally we click on the resulted coordinates.

Hi @Shalu ,

The button does not turn yellow when pressed but the page registers the press.  As a workaround I set the error handling to continue and the flow continues on.


This is the UI element



and this is the XML


<input id="download" type="button" name="Download" value="Download All/Selected" onclick="downloadSelected('quotationResponseForm');" winautomationoriginalcolor="rgb(239, 239, 239)" style="background-color: rgb(239, 239, 239);" winautomationvisibilitylandmark="true" winautomationtextboxvalue="Download All/Selected">



Hello GanCW,


Since the button is not highlighted, the UI element is not captured properly and hence the Click is not sent.


Install the Extension named "Copy CSS Selector", available in Chrome, add this extension.

This extension helps in copying the CSS of an element.

Navigate to the button -> right click on the button -> Select Copy CSS Selector.


Update the copied CSS to the Customized Selector builder on the captured UI Element.


Test the execution, if it highlights the element.


If not, the issue has to be troubleshooted, hence request to raise a Support request through MS support portal.

I found out the error is not due to button press but waiting for the new page to load. Disabling that fixed the error.



Hello GanCW,


I am glad that your issue is resolved, by disabling the wait option.

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