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New Member

Can't edit selector without getting errors

Hello, I've been trying Power Automate Desktop and I still can't edit the selector of an element to make it dynamic, let me explain:


(Sorry for the lack of a serious webpage, it's just for practice)


The webpage has a list o links, I've mapped one of them and the selector starts like this:


List of links:


I mapped the first link and got this selector by default:


The only thing I've been able to change is the ordinal on the 7th item (This way I can change the ordinal and click another link, but I want to reference them by the InnerText):


Here I just added one element on the last item, the innertext (As far as I understand, this should work as its the same item and the text should match with the element):


Sorry for the portuguese but here's the error:


(Robin.Core.ActionException: Click link on web page failed. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Referência de objeto não definida para uma instância de um objeto.
em Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.WebAutomationRuntime.ClickLinkOnWebPage(WebBrowserInstanceVariant webBrowserInstanceVariant, TextVariant cssSelectorForLinkElement, Boolean waitForPageToLoad, TextVariant dialogButtonToPress, WebPageCourseOfActionIfDialogAppearsEnum courseOfActionIfDialogAppears)
em Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.WebAutomationActions.ClickLinkOnWebPage(Variant webBrowserInstance, Variant cssSelectorOfElementToClick, Variant dialogButtonToPress, Boolean waitForPageToLoad, Int32 courseOfActionIfDialogAppears)
--- Fim do rastreamento de pilha de exceções internas ---
em Robin.Modules.WebAutomation.Actions.ClickBase.Execute(ActionContext context)
em Robin.Runtime.Engine.ActionRunner.RunAction(String action, Dictionary`2 inputArguments, Dictionary`2 outputArguments, IActionStatement statement))


Have any idea of how to solve this?? So far I've come up with a loop that iterates the ordinal of the element, reads the inner text and compares until it gets the right element, but I've read in these forums that it should be possible to map it more precisely.


Sorry for my english, and thank you in advance






Regular Visitor

I am facing the exact same problem.

As soon as I edit the selector, it stops working.

It does not let me use the InnerText attribute.


This is a key feature so that we can continue using PA.

I have already done another post, reporting this problem, but without a solution so far.

New Member

you can use a custom selector:


you can also use a variable instead of literal string.

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