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Advocate I
Advocate I

Do not upgrade to 2.14! What can I do now?

I made the mistake of upgrading, it broke a simple copy files action right in the beginning, I am not sure what else is not working because I can not get past that even.

I found 2.12 online and reinstalled, but the process that was already opened can not be opened anymore, it has been changed irreversibly!

Unfortunately I don't have an offline backup, 40+ hrs of work have just been ruined for me! my boss is mad, all is going to hell.


I have learned my Leeson  the hard way to never ever trust Microsoft with mission critical stuff.


Is there any solution here? would microsoft be willing\able to give me a previous copy of my flow before it was messed up by 2.14? 

Super User
Super User

Does your IT have a backup system? If is like ours, which backs up every day and keeps each copy for a long time, you might be able to use one of those.


I wonder if they could reload your Microsoft Power Automate files to as they were some day before you updated 2.14.  Note, this would erase any changes since then, so it would be good to make copies of all your flows/subflows before attempting that.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Are those files stored locally? If that is the case I should be able to recover them, but I was under the impression that it's stored in the cloud and loaded every time as it runs.

Super User
Super User

This is promising:

C:\Users\[YourLoginIDhere]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power Automate Desktop\Console\Workspace

Here, I found 2 correlation IDs, and each one had a "script.robin" that looked like it was actual flow information that can copy/paste back into my flows.


It is not easy to do.  You have to do one subflow at a time.  So, for instance, my main flow references all my subflows, like this:

CALL LoginIntoRBCAdvisorWorks
CALL UpdateGroupALL
CALL RunMoneyLineReport
UIAutomation.Windows.FocusByTitleClass Title: $'''WealthStation - Google Chrome''' Class: $''''''
UIAutomation.Windows.CloseByTitleClass Title: $'''WealthStation - Google Chrome''' Class: $''''''


After that is "FUNCTION CannotCopyFile GLOBAL".  Well, this means, new Subflow with title "ConnotCopyFile", so you manually have to create the new subflow, then copy everything below that line to the line above "END FUNCTION".  If you try to copy a huge selection with a "FUNCTION" command inside, it will not paste when you get to PAD.


Another weird thing is, I have about 30 flows, and I only found 2 in my users file.  So, I don't know where the rest are.  I am hoping I made these two while my license was still activated.  Hopefully you will find what you are looking for there.

Advocate I
Advocate I


I will try to go thru it, hope it will work.


But this should never have happened! And now that it did, Microsoft should address it and help us rectify the situation, their silence is deafening.

I agree. I had a similar issue with my previous RPA system, RoboCorp. They forced updates, and a major update crashed all my bots 100%. So I moved to PAD. I simply don’t update it. I am on 2.8 and that’s all I have ever been on. If I were to make an RPA system, I would find a way to have backwards comparability to where I could update the software to get the new actions but old actions could be ridden on look back versions of the software. I have no idea what goes into this behind the scenes, but it’s seems like a stupid problem to have. 

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