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Dynamic selector change

This is the selector I use to select data from a drop down each time when page get reloaded the 856 value alone gets changed with some random value. I tried replacing 856 as * and tried but still error no element found. Please do help  me solution.

div[Id="18:856;a"] > div > div > a[Class="select"]


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After opening the selector with "Visual Editor", you can try to change the "Operator" of certain "attribute"

This is a screenshot of selectors for "Windows Calculator". You can see that I changed "Equal to" to "Start with" and this still works







If this "ID" is very unstable, I'd suggest you tick it off and use another attribute.


Hello @soumiya, In addition to what @HellitonWoo mentioned, you can also directly customize the selector to any of the following:

  •  div[Id^="18:"] > div > div > a[Class="select"] - this will target the div element which has the Id attribute starting with "18:".
  • div[Id*="18:"] > div > div > a[Class="select"] - this will target the div element which has Id attribute containing "18:"
  • div[Id@="18:.*?;a"] > div > div > a[Class="select"] - this will target the div element which has id attribute matching "18:*a", here regular expression is applied.

Thanks for your reply....

Still its not working throwing same error element not found 

Thanks for your reply....

Still its not working throwing same error element not found

Hello @soumiya, could you please let us know the webpage URL where the element exists? It will help us identify patterns in specific attributes of the target element which do not change dynamically. 

We are trying to automate salesforce Lead process


The above URL is used for automating

 I have attached the screenshot of where I need to automate so in this i need to fill the most of the field. In selector only a part of Id changes for all field i had identified and tried to change it as dynamic but nothing works.



div[Id="18:846;a"] > div > div > a[Class="select"]

this is the selector for first dropdown field here 846 will alone be changing for each entry so i tried with start with option, contains option and lot more but still nothing helped to achieve my task.

Please do help with solutions that would be possible for this selector   


Thanks and Regards


Hi @soumiya 


You could also try using the "has" selector:


You could try several approaches, the following one may be helpful:

div:has( > div > div > a[Class="select"]


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