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Extract the calling number from a Microsoft Teams Call Windows and open URL

Hello there,

I am pretty new to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop and I do want to know if you see any possibilites of realizing the following scenario with it.

Unfortunately there is no TAPI Driver for Microsoft Teams, the only possibility to realize this could be Microsoft Graph, but I am not sure if Power Automate would not be the "easier" approach.

I do want to extract the calling number from an incoming call from the Teams Calling Window, and pass the number to an URL (where I can open a script within our CRM System within FileMaker and search for the extracted Number).

This is one Window in an Teams Call which will appear where I see the number:



And this would be the Windows I can open with STRG+SHIFT+S to accept the call within Teams.
When I record the click on this Window the Name of the Window will contain the Phone Number, which will be dynamic so I cannot use a static UI Name (Window Name) for it.



The best way I can imagine would be like a listener that will either "listen" for a new Call / Teams Window containing a new call or listening for the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+S and then start the Flow which finally will extract the number and pass the Number to an URL (in an Browser) which will be like fmp://blabla&+43664123456

Unfortunately I saw, that is is only possible to listen for a shortcut like CTRL + A, but not with 3 Buttons like CTRL + SHIFT + S

I really appreciate your help for this solution, please feel free if you do have questions or maybe a way better solution for this particular question.

Best regards


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Unfortunately, PAD has no local triggers. Cloud flows has a Teams connector, but no incoming call trigger.


You always have to start a desktop flow manually or trigger it from the cloud.


Simple workaround: You could start a flow which is monitoring all windows in the background and is looking for the title matching a regular expression for a phone number. You could start this also ad-hoc.


Better would be to find a way to get that incoming call info through the API and then trigger a desktop flow to open your CRM on your PC:

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