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Fix Amazon search and filter

Hello Everybody,

Could you help me in my question,please?

I need to search amazon for specific criteria "Crucial SSD" and get the results "Name-price-link" in order to find the cheapest offer.But I face 2 issues:

1-Data is splitted to 2 columns or more,for example here, product names,prices and links are splitted to 2 columns,so the result is 6 columns.How to merge them to 3 columns only?

2- Amazon search sometimes give irrelative results so that I need to filter them(I need to implement this on power Automate not in Amazon site).For example, if  I want to search for "Crucial SSD", the results should contain both words "Crucial" and "SSD".How to do this?

Please help me

You help is much appreciated.

Scrap Amazon Products.gif

Super User
Super User

On the Live web helper go to the Advanced Settings (both marked below).

Arrange the CSS selectors section such that they are 3 columns

In this example there are 2 columns - Own Text and Href as seen below.






Abd therefore the output comes out in 2 columns





If you are still not getting the name|price|links in all the 3 columns then the selectors are not correctly captured in which case you need to retry again with the right selectors.

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Thanks VJR for your reply,but you don`t understand my problem here.When you select 2 or 3 titles in amazon page ,you will find other titles are selected,but if you try to make sure of that you will find some titles that are not selected.If you select them,they are added as another column.And this happens also to prices and links.So I need to join the two columns to one not to delete them because they contain data.


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Super User

Hi @leprince2007 


I am not facing any challenges in extracting these fields in columns.






These are my selectors


div > div > div > div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div > div > div:eq(0) > h2 > a > span

div > div > div > div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div > div > div:eq(2) > div:eq(0) > div > div:eq(0) > div > a > span:eq(0) > span:eq(1) > span:eq(1)

div > div > div > div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div > div > div:eq(0) > h2 > a



Here are some reference links


These 2 videos are about extracting details from Amazon site




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Thanks VJR for your reply.I tried to add your selectors but I got empty results.

You don`t understand me correctly because you are browsing Amazon America,my problem happens on Amazon Egypt, try it: 

This youtuber faces the same problem ,See this video starting from minute 2:00:

he gets blank results for some price items and he fixed it using contains("CAD $"),but I don`t know the full solution.

Please help me to fix my problem


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Super User

On it did not give me extra columns


46 rows and 3 columns




These were the automatic default selectors. I did not had to make any selector changes.




div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div:eq(0) > h2 > a > span

div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div:eq(2) > div > a > span > span:eq(1) > span:eq(1)

div > div > div > div > div:eq(1) > div:eq(0) > h2 > a



Output in 3 columns in Live web helper






The only odd thing I found was some amounts were blank.


But that is because there was no amount on the Amazon page



You can try with the selectors I have shared above


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Please revise all results. The page should contain 48 items so there are some missing results:

-2 missing whole products.

-10 missing products prices.

Steps to see the issue:

-Edit "Extract Data From Web Page"

-run "live web helper"

-check to see unselected items (names-prices) ,you will find what I`am talking about.

Please help me.


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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

You actually do have to do some selector changes, its just hard to notice, here's what you actually need to do:

Change the following as in the images below:


need to change one of the div values as for some weird reason some amazon products are on a different layer, doing it to be general removes that issue and it will now look like this, getting you those missing products back:


Hope this helps, lemme know if there's anything else missing.

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