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Flow Dissappeared Completely

My flows have disappeared completely. 


I've been working round the clock for a couple of weeks on this flow which had so many bits to it and so many hacks to get it working as needed and I had finally got it to a point where everything I had set out to do and more was working today. 


I shut down my computer, returned 5 hours later and it says I have no flows... 

There is nothing in the: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power Automate Desktop\Console\Workspace folder at all

My desktop flows don't seem to be showing on or

I only have one environment and one user account. 


This was a lot of work and I'm incredibly frustrated that it seems to have just disappeared. 


Is there anyone that can help me get it back?

Edit - there are 4 files in my E:\OneDrive\Apps 1\Power Automate Desktop For Windows



Is there anything that can be done with these?


Advocate I
Advocate I

OMG - did you remember to save at all?!?

I've done this a couple of times... not proud - just dearly earned experience!

On a similar note, I've had the same flow open on multiple instanses (on my computer, on the execution computer and on the debug computer). Guess what - the latest save wins 😣

Rookie mistakes!


In my experience, when you close the flow it gets uploaded to the MS Cloud/Multiverse and all local files are deleted. If you are missing something, you might get an unerase tool to recover the local files. But you must know exactly where to look and do this ASAP before Windows re-assignes the diskspace.


Best regards


Advocate I
Advocate I


IF your have left-over  files and your lucky their pertain to your project, then you should open them on eby one. One of them is likely to contain your project in pseudo code text. You can try to copy this text to the clipboard and pasting it into a blank project. If you're lucky the text was precisely what you were looking for (you might trim the text of som etop and/or bottom sutff).


Hope it helps



Yup, I had saved every few minutes (before each time I ran the flow to test)


I found some old files, it had the names of all the tabs but the file that contained the actual flow information was so out of date it had basic day 1 info in it... 


At the end of each day I'm saving a backup copy of the flow in case it happens again.


I've at least made some progress in getting back to where I was, and made a few improvements along the way .. but man has it been frustrating - especially on the bits I got stuck on before and forgot how to resolve and had to spend ages fiddling again haha 

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