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How to include the logical AND/OR operators in conditionals

I would like to know how to include the logical AND/OR operators in conditionals, previously on WinAutomation this could be achieved like this:


The AND "&&" operator can be used inside an "If" condition using the following format


First Operand: %TextVar_1 == "ABC" && TextVar_2 == "DEF"%

Operator: =

Second Operand: True


The OR "||" operator can be used in a similar way


First Operand: %TextVar_1 == "ABC" || TextVar_2 == "DEF"%

Operator: =

Second Operand: True


I have tried to express it in this way in Power Automate Desktop and it is not working.


In my case I am reading a single cell value from excel which is stored into the variable %ExcelData%, I would like to use an If conditional to review if the variable's value is either "Payer" or "Doc" I need it to do certain actions, but if it is blank I need it to go into a different set of actions.


I have already tried to express it in different ways but I haven't been able to achieve this logic, this is what I have tried so far:


First Operand: %ExcelData = "Payer" || ExcelData = "Doc"%

Operator: =

Second Operand: True


With the above conditional I get an Invalid Value message, you might have noticed I removed the double equal signs, I have tried with the double equal signs and it also says invalid value in this way.


First Operand: %ExcelData = 'payer'% || %ExcelData = 'doc'%

Operator: =

Second Operand: True


The above conditional is accepted by PAD but when I run it it doesn't seem to be working as intended as it is not realizing that the cell value is actually Payer.










Hello @AlanYC ,


Thank you for bringing this issue to us. We will investigate this further on our end and get back to you with the correct syntax for using AND/OR operators. For now, could you please instead use the workaround of using two if conditions to verify the ExcelData var for both 'Payer' and 'Doc' separately. 


Thanks for trying out Power Automate Desktop!

Thank you, I will wait for your reply. I am currently using the workaround that you mentioned of creating two separate conditionals.


Hi @AlanYC,


Please find the syntax for the logical AND/OR operators in PAD conditionals below:

  • AND instead of && 
  • OR instead of ||
  • = instead of ==




Please let us know if you have any further questions.




Good afternoon @adijain , I'm Efrain from Panama. 


I'm Developer, but at the same I'm new in Power Automate. And I need to know the next info:

I was trying use this logic but I have question. Can I use the second operand as result? This question is because I need to do a comparison of two variables, but I need the result as TRUE or FALSE value.


I'm testing new apps to my company, and one these apps POD. 



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Impactful Individual

Thanks a lot for this Adijain, it was thing I am looking for. It helps a lot and can reduce the complexity of my process.




Use a Set variable to write the result of a boolean expression into something to use later.

HI @efrainC_Onq, thanks for the question, you would need to set the first operand as a variable, like what @Henrik_M  suggested and then that variable will have the result as True or False - as shown below:


In above, the %NewVar% will have either True or False value.  Hope it makes sense. 

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try the following


set the two values payer and doc as variables var1 and var2

then use the if action as following 

First operand    %ExcelData== var1 || ExcelData== var2%

operator equals (=)

second operator TRUE



this should be:


First Operand: %ExcelData = 'payer'% || %ExcelData = 'doc'%

Operator: =

Second Operand: %True%

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To expand on this topic....what is the proper notation for operators that are not straight up equals?

For example I want to quality something that contains "payer" or startswith "doc"

....something along the lines of:


%contains(ExcelData,'payer') OR startswith(ExcelData,'doc')%


Thanks in advance

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Hello @ericcho 


We can use conditional functions such like Contains() or StartsWith() in [First operand] of If action.


For example:

%Contains(VAR, 'KEY', False) OR StartsWith(VAR, 'KEY', False)%


* The 3rd argument of each function means "Ignore case = False" thus "Case sensitive".







[List of available 8 functions]

  • Contains(VAR, 'KEY', False)
  • NotContains(VAR, 'KEY', False)
  • IsEmpty(VAR)
  • IsNotEmpty(VAR)
  • StartsWith(VAR, 'KEY', False)
  • NotStartsWith(VAR, 'KEY', False)
  • EndsWith(VAR, 'KEY', False)
  • NotEndsWith(VAR, 'KEY', False)


Thank you.

This is great!! How did you find out? 🤔

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Hello @Henrik_M 

Thanks for your resonse.

Here is how did I find it out. 🙂


1) I have set up 8 different conditions for each of the empty IF actions.




For example (Operator = "Contains"):



2) Copy & Paste the code from Flow Designer to Notepad.


IF Contains(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN
IF NotContains(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN
IF StartsWith(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN
IF NotStartsWith(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN
IF EndsWith(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN
IF NotEndsWith(VAR, $'''KEY''', False) THEN


3) I guessed that these conditional functions in Robin language could be used in the first operand of the IF action... Bingo!

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thanks a lot, very useful

Frequent Visitor

If somebody has issues with power automate desktop's if conditions and Boolean comparisons / values:

I had to enclose the True/False value in % characters, like variables:


First Operand: %SomeVariable%

Operator: =

Second Operand: %True%



Thanks for this trick. What if we need to check a web page contains 2 text. Let us say we will use "If web page contains" action


Here I want to check If web page does not contains a text with OR operator, I have tried many ways but no luck. Below one doesn't work or doesn't properly check the conditions  




or & and statements only work inside %'s, you're just literally searching for "ALL SALES ARE FINAL OR limited availability" the OR does not separate anything on its own as that would be weird. Also OR & AND only support boolean values, so this wouldn't work anyway, instead I recommend just using an "Else If" in your IF statement as that's the closest you can get to an OR.

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Impactful Individual

You could also grab the source code of the page, then parse with regex, then use IF to see if your variable returned by regex it empty or not.


IF (NotContains(Browser, 'All Sales Are Final', True) OR NotContains(Browser, 'Limited Availability', True)) = $'''True''' THEN


Which looks like this:



If I wanted to run actions when the webpage contains neither of those phrases, I would use an AND operator instead.

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