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If the file are created



With the help of desktop power automate, i want to create a flow that allow me to copy a specific file when the file are created in the specific folder. Its look like pretty easy with the cloud flow. I use the power automate desktop because my file are in my personnal drive (not cloud). For now, my flow is able to copy the specific file in the destination folder but i need to run it manually.


Any tips/ideas?



Resolver II
Resolver II

You can create a loop which has the ‘wait for file’ action to wait for the file to be created and then copy the file to the specific folder.

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Hi @GanCW ,


Thanks for your quick response. i have some notion about the loop but for my case, i have some difficulty to figure out what i need to enter for the first operand. 

Without loop this flow work perfectly but i need to run manually.


What can i enter for the variables for the ''operand'' of the loop?




Hi @Dave_O 

You can make this a forever loop so that it keeps running until the script is stopped manually


Loop %true% = %true%

   Wait for file to be created 

   Copy file

End loop

Resolver I
Resolver I

@GanCW If you want this to loop to stop once the file shows up and is copied, use "If file exists" step to check for the existence of the file in the destination. If that is true, then set a variable X to true. Your loop condition should check X and stop when X is true.

Hi @joshd111 ,

Thanks for your response. Ok, to be honest, i feel like, im not handle this concept. Its look very simple.

What i want to do is take the file in the specific folder and copy the file to a destination folder. And i want this automatically. My PDF file was created every day in this folder with the same name (replace).

Like i previously mention, with this, its work, but i need to run manually.


If i made this change, nothing happen.


Can you help me with the ''loop'' concept please?


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