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Launch new edge browser is not working properly

Hi Team,


There is an issue I have been facing regarding the action Launch new edge browser in power automate desktop. select this action and fill the details in it. try to run without selecting the options in advanced section, It is working fine.  If I select the options in advanced section such as clear cache/cookies then it gives me the following error. 


The browser will be launched but the page is not loading at all. please see the screenshot below. If you observe in the address bar section it is displaying about:blank even though I gave url as still it shows this. why?

v-surlak_1-1617798864605.png            v-surlak_2-1617799183216.png


I have a requirement to clear the cache and cookies when I launch the edge browser and start the flow of actions which I configured. Please help me how to achieve this scenario with out breaking the flow.


Note: while testing this scenario all the instances of the edge browser is closed. the browser should be opened/closed at the time of actions based on the flow.






Helper V
Helper V

@v-surlak, I have no workaround, but I get exactly the same behavior that you report.

Version: 2.6.00158.21069 (free edition)


I see nothing that leaps out at me as being wrong in the 'script.robin' that is generated:

IMPORT 'C:\\Users\\burque505\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Power Automate Desktop\\Console\\Workspace\\293e0bf3-4855-4514-bf33-da70a8d9b9d3\\controlRepo.appmask' AS appmask
IMPORT 'C:\\Users\\burque505\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Power Automate Desktop\\Console\\Workspace\\293e0bf3-4855-4514-bf33-da70a8d9b9d3\\imageRepo.imgrepo' AS imgrepo

WebAutomation.LaunchEdge Url: $'''''' WindowState: WebAutomation.BrowserWindowState.Maximized ClearCache: True ClearCookies: True BrowserInstance=> Browser
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

This seems to be a bug in the browser extension, please report it internally. As a workaround you can set cookie and cache deletion on browser exit in Edge or configure Edge to run on startup.


Hello @v-surlak 

This is a known issue in PAD, that is happening due to the slow response time of Edge browser.

The issue has already been reported to the Product Group and the bug fix for Browser Actions failing to load is  in progress and will be released by the Product team in the upcoming Builds planned for Q2.

You may follow the Products page to get the latest Builds which also has Hotfix Details of the Builds.

Please find the link below, where news about the Latest updates , Feature Description and Hot Fixes are available for PAD.

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