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Helper II
Helper II

My Power Automate Desktop flow is responding too slowly

The desktop flow I am working on has 10 subflows with each having up to 891 lines of actions, many Elements as well. The thing is PAD seems to respond too slowly to anything I do on this flow from adding an action to even editing and saving actions. It goes into this state where everything freezes up and the mouse cursor changes into a blue circle like it is finding it hard to process, then it says "Power Automate Not Responding". 


My laptop runs on windows 10 pro with 16GB of RAM.  Should the number of actions and elements I mentioned above be enough to slow down PAD on a PC with such specs? If this is normal, is there anything I can do to deal with this? It is really frustrating having to wait about a minute for every action I take to process.


I do not know anything about Javascript but can using javascript for most of the actions and then deleting the corresponding elements help to speed things up?


Screenshot below


Screenshot (2).jpg


Super User
Super User

Yep, sounds about right 🤐


I am guessing you have a ton of UI elements? One solution you might be able to look into is to take each of your 10 subflows, then run them through Notepad++ (or other editor that can find and replace text with regular expressions) and remove the encoded UI images from flow.


If you can reduce every ScreenShot value to *nothing*, your editor might start running faster. But I don't know. This technique has the drawback of removing the images shown at the bottom of your UI elements section, though...








Thank you for the response. I suspected that I would have change a lot of things to javascript. I just had to confirm first or at least get another solution. 


I may have to open another question on the forum to help guide me on how to run these javascripts, cause like I said, I know very little about it.

Super User
Super User

The method I mention isn't JavaScript, it is where you select all your actions, then copy them to Notepad++ where they will then appear as text. After modifying the text correctly and deleting the UI element, you can copy it back into PAD to replace the old actions and UI elemetns. It is cumbersome, and I don't even know if it will make a difference.

BUT: Using few JavaScript instead of many PAD actions should definitely speed things up.

Oh, just checked your comments again. I really didn't know I could delete the screenshots. I don't mind getting rid of the screenshots, so I will give that a try and see how it goes. Thank you.

I tried your method, but PAD won't let me paste the modified text back into it. Is it really possible to delete the UI Element screenshots?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual


You need to delete the entire "screenshot" tag to make PAD accept the code back.


Take a look at my thread where I was looking after a way to delete ui images in the case they would store some sensitive info:


Thank you. That worked.

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