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PAD flow breaks when running outside of editing

I have a web browser flow that works just fine when you run it while in edit mode, but stops working when running from the dashboard view. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this? 

The only thing I have thought of so far is that maybe it runs faster when not in editing mode (since it doesn't have the UI task of showing which step it is on each time), causing it to attempt a step before the web browser is ready. 


I would like to be able to pass this off to the business user to run, but can't currently do that if it doesn't run correctly without being in edit mode. 


I'm fairly new to PAD and RPA in general so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Super User
Super User

Most of the web page PAD commands have "wait for page to load" for something like click web link or launch browser.  If you can't find those, you can always say "wait for image to exist."  The key to using image based commands would be that he should have the same size monitor and the same ratio settings as you.  Regardless, I would put a timeout failure on the wait for image double that of what you think it should take for the page to load.  That way, if it doesn't find the image (he's remote on his laptop or something), it will still move forward.


Best of luck!


@CParsons09 the main difference between running from the Designer and running from the Console, as you mentioned, it's speed. So in that case some wait actions would do the trick. If it's a web automation, then the "Wait for web page content" action could help.

Thank you - this confirms my suspicion that the problem was that there is no 100ms default run delay in run mode. Is there some issue with population of a "text field in window" with a secure string that you can think of? It works fine when running from edit mode, but fails in run mode. Note: it fails even if I retype the value into the input field after clicking the run icon ... it does, however, work well if I change it to a non-secure text value. Perhaps it would all work fine if I were retrieving a password from an Azure key vault and launching the desktop flow from a cloud flow with that input.



May I also ask: what is the value of designing with a run delay greater than it would use in run mode by default? It seems it just begs for issues like this once a flow is ready to go live.

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