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PAD flow for SharePoint List/Libraries

Hi All,

Please guide me to a solution where I want a PAD flow interacts with SharePoint lists and libraries. As part of a project, I need to interact with SharePoint list and its data.


The operations I want to perform are data extraction from the list, filtering of data rows depending upon conditions, adding new rows, and modifying some of the existing rows. So, all those actions that you can do with database. Also, the Web recording/automaton will be very inferior solution as it would take lot of time going through the records of such list (#rows could be in 1000s), So the preference would be some kind of backend data access of SharePoint.


Thanks in advance.

Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist



If you don't need to interact with other applications except SharePoint list then I think you should you Cloud Flows instead of Desktop Flows. You should only use Desktop flows when you need to do a lot of actions on different applications on Window.


So, in your cases, I think you can just use Cloud flows for getting data from SharePoint List (of course, you can filter from cloud flows as well). Once you have your list items you can iterate all the items and can also add new item or modify the item if needed. 


Thanks and hope it can help you. 



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Hi miketran13

Thanks for the reply and a good suggestion for Cloud flow. 


But the solution does not only contain share point list. it also contains other platforms like SQL and some websites to scrap. In such situation you would like to have your entire solution to run on just one platform like Desktop flow.  So, I am not the opinion to break the entire logic in two part i.e. Cloud and Desktop flow.

Helper I
Helper I

Did you find a way around this? Would love to know how you did.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will be releasing the SharePoint connector for PAD soon. 👇🏾

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