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Advocate I
Advocate I

Power Automate Desktop | 2.14 IF, Wait, Launch App Issues

I wanted to report and see if anyone else playing with 2.14 have seen issues when it comes to If and Wait statements. 


  1. Wait for window content - No longer waits for the window content to appear. It instead throws and error and necessitates me to add an additional wait before that waits for the window, then the window content. This was not necessary before and appears to add additional steps. 
  2. IF - Window contains content - This appears to be throwing an error now necessitating a Continue On Error action to move to the Else statement. This was not an issue before and is causing new issues not seen before. 
  3. Launch App - This does not work properly with either the Wait to Load or Wait to Complete settings. This may simply be an issue with the app I'm using it with, but still something should be reviewed to ensure it works as designed. 


I've since reverted to 2.13, but wanted to provide feedback, as this is highly disruptive. 



Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Lot's of people have problems, since 2.14... 
But total "radio silence" from Microsoft

Resolver III
Resolver III



Those 3 points are valid bugs in 2.14 version.


@John_Mavridis do you guys know what's happening? :]

Advocate I
Advocate I

Has anyone heard anything re: 2.14 issues from Microsoft?

Radio silence🙄

Advocate I
Advocate I

Cool, cool.  I've tested copying pasting a couple subflows flows into notepad from 2.13 and 2.14 and comparing them -- they appear to be the exact same file size down to the byte when pasted; I wonder if there's something that could be easily replaced that would allow one to work with the other?

Tested copy/pasting a 'Click button on web page' command with and without the screenshot field.  They're both the same size, yet copying one to the other won't work.  There has to be something that's changed that I'm missing in all of the text, because they look identical between the versions from what I can see.



Paste the text into two separate word documents.  You can use a feature where Word compares 2 versions of the same document.  





Hello to all.


The issues related to 'Wait for window content' and 'If window contains' will be resolved with the next release of Power Automate for desktop that will take place in mid-December.


What about Wildcards in fileoperations, they stopped working when 2.14 was released.

It seems like incorporating versioning into Power Automate Desktop would be a solid idea.

Y'know.  So businesses don't have to rebuild entire workflows based on the reasonable assumption that the new version that Microsoft prompted users to download isn't going to break everything.


We have that feature in ProcessRobot.

Now in PAD it use ALM life cycle for versioning which is so complicated and need manual work.

Advocate I
Advocate I

@NikosMoutzou , we're still seeing issues with other items in the 2.14 release. Do we have an answer on what's going on with the release and the planned date of a fix for these issues?:

  1. Clicking UI Element is still broken for most items we've tested. 
  2. Wait for content still broken
  3. Click image still broken
  4. Copy and Pasting between versions is not working, however, if this intended, it would be nice to know.

Hello @Waylold .


A new version of Power Automate for desktop is released today and issues of v2.14 have been resolved. Please try to upgrade your version.

Had the same issue.  Had to  make  a   loop thru a sub directory in order to  replicate the wildcard.

No updated version here (Denmark)
What version number is the new one?
Is there a log of bug fixes?

Newest version is ✌


@Highboy wrote:

Is there a log of bug fixes?

Silliest question of the year award goes to.... 🏆👏


Resolver III
Resolver III

There are a lot of features added.


For me, better wait for 3 month, if there is no issue then update. 😂😂😂

@NikosMoutzou thank you. We will continue to test and let you know if there's any other pain points. 

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