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Power Automate Desktop Extract null from JsonAsCustomObject

Using action "Invoke Web Service", i'm returned a JSON output (works fine..)

In the end, the data is to be inserted in a SQL database, so using action "Convert JSON to Custom Object", i'm turning the JSON into a custom object.


My data now looks like this:

"name": "Donald Duck",
"isCompany": "",
"vatNumber": "",
"cellPhoneNumber": "",
"phoneNumber": "",
"email": "",
"comment": "",
"categoryReference": {
"name": "",
"id": "3000",
"externalId": "3000"
"billingAddress": {

.... rest of data is cut off and not included in this post


On my way towards the SQL insert, i am using action "Set Variable" = '' (which works fine, the variable is set correctly to "Donald Duck")


Using action "Set Variable" = '' will returns this error: "Variable 'JsonAsCustomObject' doesn't have a property 'email'."


How do i get to the point where i can make PAD understand to pick up the value "NULL" or "BLANK" when my Custom Object does not hold a value ?





Hi @ALPetersen 


I tried it with the latest version, and looks like it picks the blank value successfully.


Could you check with the latest one?


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I am also hitting this roadblock. Was there a solution or a proper way to address this that you found @ALPetersen ?


Also the message stating that a variable "doesn't have a property" is not correct in my case. It has the property but the property is null. What I try to do is to catch these cases with an IF (empty) and set it to 0 or something but same result 😕





I am not posting anything sensitive here. Just info on a gas station and current prices 🙂 



Helper I
Helper I

Hi @ALPetersen 
To solve this I used a "Replace text" action before "Convert JSON to custom object" action, where replace all null to empty text, see below the actions and configuration used:



I hope the solution works for you.

Best regards.

Thanks @CesarRamirez . This is indeed a solution to this task. Hopefully the Convert JSON to custom object action will be updated to handle null values better in future updates 🙂 

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