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Power Automate Pricing


I am trying to understand the Power Automate pricing.

As per the plan with the Attended RPA. Does this mean any flow I build I need to trigger manually? My goal is to run a web automation on a daily basis, and I saw you can use a cloud flow to trigger that web flow, does this mean I have to pay the extra to use the Unattended RPA?


A bit steep price (200 bucks) to run 1 flow only :/.


Thank you.

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You can also trigger an attended flow through a cloud flow but then you would need to be present/desktop needs to be unlocked.


For running it unattended on a VM or server without user presence, your assumption is correct BUT with 1 license you can run many desktop flows sequentially 24h every day which might not just cover the costs. 😉 


For many web automation scenarios, cloud flows might be sufficient plus you can run an unlimited number within your service limits.

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Hi @fraenK,

So does this mean if I lock computer just for lunch it will not run :D, not good? I understand, makes sense with a VM/Server, but for now I just have the desktop, until we move into more flows and then yes we will use a VM/Server.


In my case, just running a web automation flow to access a cloud (browser) platform to download a couple of files. Thank you.

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Basically, yes, the purpose of attended is to run while you are present. That's why it is cheaper. 


For downloading files from a website you might not need desktop flows. It can be easily done with cloud flows if the server supports serving chunks or files are smaller than the cloud flow limit. 

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Thanks @fraenK for quick reply. Don't know all the flows, not sure cloud flows can login and go to specific URLS.

My current issue is this one that you already know:

I think only desktop automation is possible here.

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Websites work with http requests. You just have a look at them using the dev tools of your browser and replicate them with the http connector of cloud flows. That's it. Login, pop-ups, downloads etc. can all be done...

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Wow very nteresting, was not aware of that, this made my week, will check it. Thank you very much.

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