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Power automate desktop on windows server 2019 error: Press button in window

The creation of the stream was created by windows 10. After it was successfully created, I tried to run the same stream within Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, but the press button functionality in the window does not work correctly.


  • Action name: Press button in window

Error Message

  • Failed to press button (button wasn't found)

Error details

  • Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Robin.SDK.ActionException: Failed to press button (button wasn't found) ---> Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.Exceptions.ElementNotFoundException: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.Exceptions.ElementNotFoundException' was thrown.
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.AutomationRuntimes.UIAutomationRuntimeBase.RetractElement(IntPtr windowHandle, String selector)
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.AutomationRuntimes.UIAutomationRuntimeBase.PressButtonInWindow(IntPtr windowHandle, String selector)
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.UIAutomationActionsDispatcher.PressButtonInWindow(Variant windowSelector, Variant buttonSelector, Guid windowId, Int32 automationImpl)
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.PressWindowButton.Execute(ActionContext context)
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Modules.UIAutomation.Actions.PressWindowButton.Execute(ActionContext context)
    at Microsoft.Flow.RPA.Desktop.Robin.Engine.ActionRunner.RunAction(String action, Dictionary`2 inputArguments, Dictionary`2 outputArguments, IActionStatement statement).

Button I need to click

Captura de tela 2021-11-16 105957.png

  • The google chrome browser version (Version 96.0.4664.45).
  • Power Automate desktop (Latest Version)
  • Power Automate browser extension (Version 2.0.7).

The computers windows 10 and windows server 2019 Datacenter are using the same versions.

Windows server 2019 Datacenter.

  • Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU ES-2690 v2 3.00GHz 3.00Gz (4 processors)
  • Memory: 17.0 GB
  • System type: x64

Windows 10

  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9500 CPU 3.00 GHz 3.00GHz
  • Memory 16.0 GB
  • System type: x64

Accepted Solutions

Well you could always capture the image and go for "Move mouse to image"

Despite what others are saying it is quite usefull, and we do use it in scripts where we are unable to get the UI element.

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Super User
Super User


We are running all our unattended processes  on 2019 servers (vmware) and have no problems, that was until 2.14 was released.😒

Are you by any chance running PAD 2.14?

Have you tried to recapture the button on the 2019 server and compare it to the one that you have already captured?

Yes I tried to capture the element on 2019 servers.

Power Automate 

  • Windows 10 (Version
  • Windows server 2019 Datacenter (Version

Test capture site:


Windows server 2019 Datacenter Version


Windows 10 Version

2019 servers- Unable to capture element



Windows 10 Successfully captured




Well you could always capture the image and go for "Move mouse to image"

Despite what others are saying it is quite usefull, and we do use it in scripts where we are unable to get the UI element.

Frequent Visitor

Yes i can do it.
What I can't understand is that one feature works on one SO and the other doesn't. Will I have to keep validating the features that don't work on a certain SO? This doesn't look cool!

Are you sure the setup is identical on the two machines?
Our setup consists of three 2019 servers (Virtual), one for development and to production - running our processes unattended.
The key to successfull PAD development is to ensure that they are identical when it comes to software (including version) and settings.

Super User
Super User

If you just want to download the file you can do it without clicking the buttone and use "Download from web"
Works for me.



Yes there is a difference in the language of the power automate from my windows 10 machine (POR) to the 2019 server (ENG). This server is local and belongs to my company.

I'm not using power automate web to start my desktop flow for now which is giving an error.

I'm trying to start it manually straight on the 2019 server. Tried to capture as I said earlier by 2019 server but to no avail.

As for browser version, extension and Power automate are the same!

Which setting do I need to check now?

Dowload from web, I will try this

"Download from web" when I use this functionality it is executed successfully but the file which is of type .pdf is returned as type .process_.

The file is corrupted.

Did you set it up the way i did it (picture from previous post)?
Worked for me.



The example I sent to the site:
the file was successfully downloaded, but it is just an example. The site that I need to download the file is closed to subscribers, it will not be possible to provide the url.

I believe the error is due to the access token that is not sent, I will try to use invoke web service?

I don't know if I'm right about this! Correct me if i'm wrong please!

I couldn't use "Download from web" because my url is private and by the looks of it this feature only downloads files that are open to everyone.


I couldn't use "invoke web service" because I couldn't find where I could set my token in the request header.


"Move mouse to image" was the solution to my problem despite having to change some streams.

Despite the new update today the error continues windows server 2019 error: Press button in window.


Thank you so much Highboy for your patience and explanations.

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